academic year planner Be the master of your own success with an academic year planner. Here is a selection of best rated planners for academic year 2016-2017, all published by the most respectable publishers backed up with tremendous know-how. All of them are designed with customer's needs in mind, aiming at perfect user's experience.

After numerous years of practice and uncountable reviews, the general layout was made - a lot of space, great transparency, durable materials and little extras which in the end always make a difference. There are still some differences which the presented organizers, and this is your  opportunity to choose from among most popular academic planners in comfort of your home with ability to order with a single click and backed with a money back guarantee.







Most Popular Academic Planner - Organizer?

It's hard to pick only one, but if we really need to do that, this Planner / Organizer from Bloom Daily Planners is definitely a serious candidate. It offers monthly and weekly view spreads, it's spacios and still small enough to carry it with you in a purse. Thanks to spiral binding you can lay it flat on the desk what makes planning and organizing even easier.

If you want to keep a track of everything in a busy academic year, beside of plenty of space there are additional pages for addresses, personal info, goals, to-do lists and so on and on. Covers are made of flexible and durable material, so your planner can go everywhere with you. Back pocket, inspirational quotes, special icons and other little extras included. Available in more than a dozen colors!


2016 2017 academic year planner house of doolittle House of Doolitle is well-known producer of planners and appointment books. This 13 months academic planner is one of the finest examples of their knowledge. It's covered with durable leatherette (artificial leather), a spiral bind and it's very durable. Every month is spread across two pages where you can write down your appointments and make additional notes. There is also place reserved for phone numbers.

House of Doolitle is also an environmentally conscious company which uses 100 percent recycled paper, soy ink and their products are biodegradable. They donate five percents of their profits to companies which are trying to improve our living by creating more sustainable environment. So if you want to keep the record of everything what is going on in your life and make a world a little better place, they may be the solution. Available in black color too!










academic year planner 2016 2017 The very same company created this practical academical wall planner as well. It is made of laminated surface which can be written on with a marker and wiped off with damp cloth, what opens plenty of possibilities for not only planning the academic year, but write (and clear) current affairs too.

Thanks to prints on both sides, you can use it in vertical or horizontal position. It's dimension of 24 x 37 inches guarantees squares for each day large enough to write in, so you can have overall view on all the events through the whole academic year. Very popular at teachers Some use it as a family planner too (in this case usage of different colored markers - use fine tips - for every family member can help a lot). Makes a great fit with the planner presented above.











More 2016-2017 Academic Planners


blue sky academic year planner 2016 17 Let's continue with another 12 months academic year planner, this time with an addition of fashionable style, which doesn't cost almost any space. Every month can be viewed on facing pages, where weeks are running horizontally and every day has seven lines for writing appointments, to-dos and whatever you may need to stay on track through the school year.

Premium paper offers superb writing experience, nice addition is transparent cover which can serve as protection for displayed area and as storage pocket. While this is largest planner of Blue Sky, where you will very unlikely ever run out of space, it is still small enough to stay portable. Made of durable materials it really offers planning on the go, wherever you go!






2016 17 academic year planner Same company offers similar planner organizer for the academic year 2016-2017 in even more affordable version. What are its characteristics? We are already familiar with two-page monthly view, with days running vertically and weeks running horizontally. Lovely addition are monthly tabs on the side offering easy access to every month in the academic year.

Storage pocket made of transparent plastic, contacts section and holder for business cards are useful extras too. 4-Seasons Monthly Planner can work as stand alone or as refill for other planners / organizers of the same format and made by Blue Sky. As a downside we can add it compines Saturdays and Sundays in one section, what may be inconvenient for people who need detailed plans for each of these days.





Top Five Tips To Make The Most Of Academic Year

  1. Be organized. Start your day with planner and check what activities await you. End the day with checking what waits for you tomorrow.
  2. Write down your goals. This way you can see them often, what will help you remember what you are aiming at and help you staying motivated.
  3. Make connections. Fellow students can not only help you at achieving studying goals, but can stay valuable friends for many years to come.
  4. Never hesitate to ask questions. If something related to your studies is not clear, get additional info as soon as possible.
  5. Always balance work, leisure and rest. There are times when each may has priority, but in general everybody needs all three in nice balance.





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