This site is run by people who realized how important is time and how much more we can accomplish in our lives with proper planning. We embrace difference in our interests, passions, goals and priorities, but one thing we definitely have in common - we all have only 24 hours per day and 12 months in a year.


This is why we offer you so many lovely calendars (hundreds of them are completely free for personal use) and so much info on time, planning, holidays and celebrations. We want to help you to become as efficient as possible, to use the time you have in best and most enjoyable ways.


Our site is using cookies to gather basic statistical data about our visitors, especially the number of visitors and sources of traffic. Collected data helps us to constantly improve the site and it will not be shared with any other party. Ever. We hate spam too! You can contact us by e-mail: mycalendarland(at)gmail(dot)com.





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