On this page, you'll find weekly calendars ready to print. They are all free for personal use. As you already know, time is precious and planning gives us the best chances to use it to its full potential. We need to find a balance between work, rest, and fun. While we differ by gender, education, age, cultural background, and so on, we all have one thing in common - 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

That's all we have to squeeze in all the chores, dreams, relationships...

These weekly calendar templates should help you plan your week. One week at a time. As you'll notice, weekly calendars are available in different formats to satisfy as many needs as possible. We intend to add more printable weekly calendars in the future, so bookmark this page and return from time to time. If you find it useful, tell about it to your friends and colleagues.

Blank Weekly Calendar

We all like freedom and the next three printable calendars offer just that. Blank space for each of the days in the week, where you can write, draw, or stick anything you want.

This one emulates an old-fashioned agenda with a two-page spread where you can organize one week with notes or two weeks in one spread. Just print it and enjoy it.

 blank weekly calendar

The next weekly calendar is really large. Working days occupy the majority of space, Saturday and Sunday much less, and there are also some blank spaces to add notes, ideas, or whatever you want.

 blank weekly calendar printable

This format is so popular we decided to offer it in a smaller size as well - the same thing, but in half size, so you can print two blank weekly calendars at once.

 blank weekly calendar printable 2 per page

More Weekly Calendars to Print

Printable weekly calendars offer many options to visually organize your time and this is one of the most popular ones - plain and simple, with a bit of cheerful colors and a lot of possibilities to tailor it according to your personal plans and obligations.

 weekly calendar printable

Weekly Calendars with Notes

Sometimes it's good to have part of the weekly schedule reserved for notes. To emphasize the most important tasks of the week or write a bit more about specific ones, it's up to you. Just use it to its full potential.


 weekly calendar to print

If you want to add some artistic touch to your time planning, we prepared one more printable sheet, this time with notes, a grocery list, a to-do list, and... Check it for yourself!

 full page weekly calendar

Weekly Calendar Schedules for Kids

Children need planning too. This is why a timetable is the first thing they learn in school. But their time is precious even before. Their world is full of excitement even before they enter kindergarten.

This is why we prepared several printable weekly calendars for children, all completely free for personal use.

Let's start with a 5-day week!

 printable weekly calendar kids

Nice positive colors should help you plan your next energetic and vibrant week.

 printable kids weekly calendar planner

And here we go with a classic almost retro look of a free printable calendar for kids.

 free weekly calendar printable

Happy kids' faces should always remind you to plan enough time for leisure activities. But of course, there is never enough time for leisure activities.

A bit older children would probably prefer a 7-day per week calendar where the school is at the center of attention.

 cute weekly calendar printable

A slightly different version (tip - you can use both, especially if your school schedule varies by week): weekly calendar printable cute

This is where we stop. For now. But there will be more. We promise!

Printable Calendar Pages

You'll notice we offer a lot of paid calendars to order by mail and free calendars to print at your home. It looks a monthly calendar is in very high demand, so at the moment we offer biggest selection of free printable calendars in this area, but in the future we intend to add weekly calendars, planners, organizers and so on.


It is our mission to meet your demands at our best, so keep in touch and bookmark this site. Have a great day!

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