Popular excuse 'I don't have time!' will become a thing of the past with a customizable blank calendar, but only if you use it to its full potential. Therefore we prepared a great collection of blank calendars in different formats.


Of course all of them can still be personalized to completely meet your needs, so look at them more as kind of templates which will help you to find the perfect match for you planning wall.

empty calendar 2016

blank calendar



Don't be afraid of an empty space! Don't look at these calendars only as highly efficient helpers at your planning and organizing. They are actually large undisturbed playgrounds where all kinds of creative thoughts can contribute to the best use of your time.


Because this is all we got - the time. We can spend it for very different goals, but at the end of the day we always have to admit there is only 24 hours in a day and 12 months in a year.


blank calendar with holidays yearlyblank calendar with holidays 24 months



What about customization? You can actually do whatever you want with these carefully designed, yet almost blank templates. If a photo of your family or a picture of spectacular sunset motivates you, you can put it on with just few clicks of the mouse.


The same is true with a personal favorite quote or company logo. You can go even further and change the color of wires, size of calendar, starting (and ending) month with up to 24 months altogether, it is also up to you if you want to display USA or Canadian holidays or neither of them, ...


Small or large blank calendar?

small blank calendar with holidays

large blank calendar with holidays



Who says size doesn't matter? With the two calendars above you can create two completely different sets of goals.


For instance you can put the smaller on the wall of your office, where you plan main events, and the large version on the wall of bigger room, where you coordinate the plans of your company with colleagues and need more detailed descriptions of individual events.


With ability to choose from different sizes of the calendars, comes an opportunity to use smaller and bigger fonts - to emphasize more important dates or happenings or whatever you want. As you can see, the beauty of blank calendar templates lies in its completely open structure.


Plan Big Events with Large Blank Calendars with Large Numbers

blank calendar with holidays and large numbers

blank calendar with holidays and large numbers january 



Rules for organizing time are pretty simple: prioritize, organize, schedule and execute. But in the reality majority stumbles at the first obstacle.

Can we really set our goals? They should be clear - so clear, they could be written in the template of one of the blank calendar pages above. They should also be realistic. There is no sense to set a goal which can't be reached.

On the other hand, we are still allowed to dream a little bit. So be realistic with a pinch of optimism. Our world is run by realists, but every major progress was always achieved thanks to the dreamers.

Fill your planners with high priority missions and always leave some space for interruptions, which may be - at least in some cases - the best part of your day.


Variety of colors

blue large print blank calendar with holidays colorful blank calendar with holidays



Just like the world is not black and white, calendars, even completely blank ones, don't have to be limited to only two colors.


You can choose from full spectre, to create vibrant and stimulative planners in your favorite colors, colors of your company of favorite tones for your friend. Yes, a blank calendar can be very thoughtful gift at very different occasions as well.


Play with Blank Calendars for Kids


Many users of personalized blank calendars don't know how many imaginative options they actually have, so we prepared two pairs of lovely blank calendars for kids. Do you prefer the yellow one, which is simple and cute like a sunshine?

It could be completely different - colorful as a rainbow! What about the second pair? Green as a nature, with cheerful lighthearted font or the last one, also freshly green, with flowers?


yellow blank calendar with holidays for kids yellow blank calendar with holidays for kids january



 green blank calendar with holidays for kids green blank calendar with holidays for kids march



Feel free to get one for yourself, or check other possibilities of custom blank calendars. You can choose from single or two page calendars, among three standard sizes, seven different colors of wire, different date options, you can upload your photos for every single page, ...

Well, if you are in the right mood, you can create completely unique blank calendar for next months or years and get an original mix of personal modern art with the classic tool for planning. Have a great year!




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