Dog is a man's best friend for thousands of years and we love having dogs around even if don't need them for hunting, safety and similar reasons anymore. They are so good companions, many of us would like to take them just everywhere. Well, with a custom dog calendar we might just do that!

We checked a selection of dog calendars for 2023 and found several superb pieces with high levels of customization which might not only help you at planning and organizing time, but can be great gifts for your friends with dogs as well. Calendars are useful just as they are, but their real value hides in ability of personalization - you can upload photos of you little furry friend in different situations, add popular quotes about dogs and of course choose from different sizes, style, types of paper, ...

It's probably best to start with our journey into the world of personalized dog calendars!

Personalized Puppy Calendars For All Dog Lovers

dog calendar

dog calendar personalized add photo


Aren't they adorable? Always ready to play and cuddle, they can instantly make your day with one of thousands little pranks. These pictures will help you to keep in mind how life is actually made of little things. And when they grow up, they won't leave you. A dog will stay your friend forever and will always listen to your problems without trying to judge your mistakes.

A faithful companion, a reliable guardian and an exercise partner - dog can be many things and it is only fair to admit we can't imagine our lives without dogs. Even if they can't be with us in certain environments, we can still enjoy in photo calendars with pictures of puppies, these little pranksters who can always warm our hearts without even trying.


dog calendar 2018 add your cute photos

dog calendar 2018 with your photos


Dogs calendars are perfect as gifts for people who love dogs and both calendar templates above are already ready to print. But if you want to make your present really count, you can use photos of your own dog (or dogs) in real situations, what means you can make a unique story, told in pictures, and share it with somebody special in your life.

Apart from using your own photo material and adding your own text, you can choose from different sizes, languages, holidays, types of paper and, yes, there are seven different colors of binding wire available to choose from, too. Did we mention, you are by no means obligated to start a year with January and end with December? That's the beauty of customizable calendars - they can be really tailored to the needs of the end user. This is the main reason they are never considered as just gifts, but more as thoughtful gestures and valuable keepsakes.


dog calendar 2018 custom

dog calendar cute puppy add photo


If you are looking for gift ideas for dog lovers, one of the calendars above might be the answer. The printing quality is excelent, images sharp, paper durable, so such item can be given to your friend without worrying it will fall apart after only few weeks. Hundreds and hundreds of positive reviews consistently support these facts.

While cute puppies on the photos already work great, it's still up to you to add a personal touch with photographies and whimsical quotes of your choice. Because at the end of the day, when we are talking about gifts, it's never about money. It's simply about your time, energy and imagination, the willingness to go an extra mile to deliver something unique, to show how much you care.

After all, dogs are by majority of owners treated as family members, they include them in family portraits and even sign them on greeting cards!

Most Popular Dog Calendars For 2023 (No Customization)



If, for any reason, you don't need a personalization of dog calendar, last two candidates look great too. Page a day dog calendar is already one of the most recognizable brands among dog owners and calendar buyers. More than five million (!) copies sold simply can't lie. Delightful photos of dogs are presented on glossy cards of six by seven inches (which is pretty big format for a card!) and supported by sturdy holder of acrylic material.

Both calendars got only positive reviews and are among most popular presents for doggie lovers in America. Frankly, even if you are not a dog fan, who wouldn't like to start each day of the year with a lovely and lively photo of human's best friend? Quality is great, price affordable, so there is no reason to order one. Or maybe two. For your special one and one for yourself, maybe?

Do You Fancy Chihuahua Calendars?


Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world. It belongs to so called toy dogs, which are sometimes called lapdogs. They got their name after Mexico state Chihuahua. Another popular term is a teacup Chihuahua and you'll easily see why in next pictures:

cute chihuahua calendar 2023 mouse pad

chihuahua calendar 2023 photo magnet



If you belong to the numerous Chihuahua fan club or have a friend who does, you'll definitely want to check a mouse pad calendar with a photo of this little cutie. Thanks to added yearly calendar for 2019, it makes a perfect gift for every Chiahua lover. You have an option of changing background color, using your own photo, addition of personalized inscription and more.

Magnet calendar with cute Chihuahua puppy is another interesting possibility to consider. It's available in two different sizes, made of flexible vinyl, what makes it water and stain resistant and stays on curved surfaces too. Practical and decorative addition for every fridge, especially for dedicated lovers of Chihuahuas.

But wait, there is more!

How About A Golden Retriever Calendar?

Golden Retriever is the most popular dog breed in the world and we should not be surprised finding their photos on custom calendars and other items:

golden retriever calendar 2023 photo mouse pads

french bulldog calendar 2023 mouse pad


Who could possibly resist those said eyes? If you already have a themed wall calendar, you can still squeeze your pet on the desktop. Why not on the mouse pad, where a lovely photo accompanies useful calendar for 2023? This gift is customizable - with your image and text, covered with durable cloth, resistant to stains and dust. There is no minimum order, but in case of ordering several such custom calendar mouse pads, you''ll get nice quantity discount, starting with two pieces!

Photo magnets became very popular in recent years and a golden retriever theme is an obvious choice for thousand American owners of this playful breed. Think about this design as a template only, because with your photo it will look even better. This high quality magnet will please its owner for full year and beyond, because it is designed to last and thanks to lovely image of your choice it will become an invaluable keepsake to the happy receiver. If you like to see more of this intelligent and friendly breed, we made a full article about Golden Retriever Calendars too.

We hope you enjoyed in our selection of dog calendars for 2023 and found the one which suits your need best!


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