Do you like French bulldogs? Enjoy looking at their cute photos on calendars? Here we have a selection of custom calendars with French bulldogs in leading roles. They make great gifts for numerous lovers of this very special dog, which recently returned into top 10 list of popular dog breeds in America.

Personalized calendars are relatively recent trend in the market and reflect constantly rising awareness of buyers, who don't look only at usefulness of products anymore, but demand uniqueness tailored to needs of the end user up to the finest little detail. We have chosen few popular calendars with French bulldogs, made by companies which already proved their quality by constantly beining on the lists of top sellers, but most of presented items are customizable, what means you have a lot options to choose from and the final result will be as original as possible.

Of course only the top notch quality will do and each calendar on this page is accompanied with reviews ofdesigners and buyers to make your choice even easier.


Let's See Some Calendars With French Bulldogs

french bulldog calendar

french bulldog calendars 2016

Did you know French bulldogs probably originate from Greece, where a tribe of Molossians bred sturdy dogs, which were transported throughout the Old World by Phoenicians? Mastiffs were result of careful selection among strongest specimen in Great Britain and a group of Mastiffs was trained for bull baiting. When this cruel sport was banned, these so called bulldogs were crossed with terriers to reduce their size. The goal was to transform sports dog into so called lap dog.

In France new toy bulldogs were bred with further crossing with ratters and new breed of French bulldogs was born. But it was only in America, when a controversy on the exhibition show (caused by different standards about the shape of ears) led to fully defined look of French bulldog - now so popular Frenchie.

2017 french bulldog calendar

french bulldog calendar 2018

All calendars above are customizable, so you can replace all or only some of the used photos, and add your own text. There are many other different options of personalization available: size, style, holidays, language, color of spiral wire... Starting and ending month are up to you as well.

Buyers of personalized calendars on Zazzle consistently report about high quality of paper, excellent print, vivid colors and if we are looking for a lovely present for Frenchie lover with an added personal touch, one of these might be the one.


french bulldog wall calendar 2017

french bulldog calendar black and white 2017

Frenchies are well-suited as indoor dogs. The breed was actually partly developed with a goal to produce lapdogs - dogs, who will help to keep warm lace workers, sitting in their laps at long working hours. Now they are almost ideal dogs for people who can't or won't take long walks, have limited space and have to find co-existance with kids and other pets in relatively confined areas.

French bulldogs are not among smartest dogs in the world, but they can be very sensitive, so we should never yell at them while housebreaking. They don't bark much, what is another plus in towns, but they have more than a fair share of health problems, starting with breathing, heart and joints.


Most Popular Frenchie Calendars


Next two calendars are made by reputable calendar makers and both have hundreds of faithful customers who buy calendars with cute photos of French Bulldogs year after year.




Apart from beautiful photos of French bulldogs both wall calendars above are praised by quality and durability. Several reviewers reported they bought more than one, because they just wanted to share such beautiful calendars with other Frenchie lovers, them being among proud owners or not. We should also not forget the usefulness - large squares for each day, with plenty of space to write appointments or mark special occasions for whole family.

If you need a dedicated wall planner, we made a carefully curated selection of family calendar planners, or, if you love all dog breeds and actually enjoy some diversity, there are also dog calendars for 2023. In the meantime, we'll conclude our journey into the world of French bulldogs with another customizable item, suitable as a gift for a member of French Bulldog Club:


Custom Mouse Pad Calendar For Frenchie Owners


french bulldog calendar 2023 mouse pad

dog calendar 2023 photo mouse pad


Primary task of every mouse pad is protection of the PC mouse against scratches and dust particles, but these personalized mouse pads with calendars offer much more. Thanks to the photos of your choice they make very personal items, which are suitable as gifts for your friends or business partners. To be honest - large percent of buyers ordered them for themselves. With an added name of their cute little Frenchies, of course.

Superb full color printing printing and high quality surface, covered with protective dust and stain resistant cloth, guarantees eye-pleasing and durable product. This means you'll enjoy in it way after the year 2023 ends. Who cares? Custom mouse pad with photo of your favorite French bulldog or any other personalized dog calendar will always warm the heart of the proud owner, right?



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