Is golden retriever suitable for the role of the main star for calendars? If 2023 the year of golden retrievers? This loyal and lively dog breed is among most popular pets in America and the world for many years now and we decided to present it with personalized calendars. If you are looking for a perfect gift for dog lover who already proudly owns a member of this intelligent yet extremely playful breed, these golden retriever themed calendars might be your safest bet.

All presented calendars are available on-line and majority of them are customizable, what basically means you can use the photos of your own pets in their origonal environment, add your own quotes, have fun with selecting different styles, sizes and so on and on. Thanks to your creativity and state of the art designing platform with superior printing quality the final result will be a unique keepsake of highest possible quality.


Best Golden Retriever Calendars

personalized golden retriever calendar

golden retriever calendar personalize it

Hundreds and hundreds of reviews confirm the quality of paper and print of these custom calendars. Now is your turn to add the right content. For an owner of golden retriever there is no doubt. Her or his dog should be a central star of the story in pictures, presented through whole next year.

The available level of customization gives you even more. You are by no means limited with a start of 2023. You can design your very own calendar year as well. There are three sizes to choose from and most of buyers prefer the largest, because it gives them a lot of space for adding personal notes what transforms already useful and decorative calendar into great planner as well. If you intend to give it as a present, don't forget to write a whimsical inscription. Or you can add a company logo and use it as promotional material with a personal touch. Options are virtually countless.

golden retriever calendar personalized

golden retriever calendar your custom photos

Did you know golden retrievers were bred from less known flat coated retrievers and now extinct Tweed water spaniels in second half of 19th century? Their origin is Scotland and today there are three subtypes of golden retrievers recognized by international standards: British (most muscular), Canadian (tallest) and American (with darkest hair).

Golden retrievers are originally gun dogs and got their name due ability to retrieve small game, shot by hunters. They are able to work until they drop, so we should be careful not to overwork them. On the other hand they still need fairly good amount of activity (two or more hours per day), what means their owners are expected to spend relatively large part of day with them.

golden retriever calendar personalized photos

golden retriever calendar your photos


Golden retrievers are so friendly they are totally useless as guard dogs, but their playfulness and especially patience with kids make them almost ideal house pets. Making a dozen of lovely photos of your Daisy, Molly, Bailly or Buddy should be no problem. When you got a selection of the finest pictures in different situations, just upload them in the already preset calendar template, choose a starting and ending date, pick one of twenty language / culture styles, select one of four ways to mark holidays and events, choose your favorite color of wire binding spiral (how about gold?) and you are good to go!

As you can see in the reviews below, these personalized calendars satisfy even the most picky buyers. They are delighted by thick glossy paper and top notch printing. Lively colors will make your calendar to stand out and bring full year of joy into a living room or workroom. Well, you can actually have it in both and with two ordered calendars you'll get small discount as well.


More Custom Calendars For Owners Golden Retrievers

golden retriever calendar 2023 large photo magnet

golden retriever calendar photo mouse pads



Personalized wall calendars are not the only way to showcase your golden retriever. Here we have a photo magnet calendar with preset picture which can be replaced with one of your choice (two sizes available) and is ideal for putting on the fridge door or similar metal surface. It's coated with top notch quality vinyl laminate, what makes it extremely durable. Definitely a keeper for every dog lover!

The other example is customizable mouse pad with photography of golden retriever. Mouse pads are initially made as protection, but thanks to customization and great quality of printing they are more and more welcomed as gifts with highly decorative value. Use the existing design to create an original present for your friend or business partner!


Golden Retriever Calendar 2023


While we all love the personalization, sometimes the professional photos on already printed calendars completely satisfy our needs and we can save few bucks by the way. Here are two of the top golden retriever calendars for 2023 on Amazon:




Golden retriever wall calendar by MegaCalendars with approx. 12 by 12 inch dimensions features 13 cute photos of these adorable dogs and spacious grid which will help you at keeping track with your everyday obligations. Because every day counts, right? Apart from usefulness such calendars make popular wall decorative accents too.

By the way, did you know golden retrievers belong to top five most intelligent dog breeds in the world, what makes them very suitable as guide dogs and other important roles where dog's companionship really makes a difference? Let's celebrate their abilities with another great calendar! BrownTrout's calendar comes with app for the smartphone and tablet, what gives you access to numerous puzzles, stunning photos, attractive backgrounds and on-line calendar as well.

If you would like to explore more breeds, we made another selection - of dog calendars for 2023. Enjoy!



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