We all know how busy can be time-schedules of our kids, who often balance school, extracurricular activities and free time so intensely we often forget how important can sometimes be to just do - nothing.


With a good calendar planning of the day will be much easier. Although their energy sometimes looks inexhaustible, they still need time to rest, time for fun and of course some quality time with parents.

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It is well known fact children love cute images of other kids (the calendar above is customizable, so you can change photos with your own) or cute animals, like the ones in cartoons or picture books.


If you need a lovely calendar for your child, one of these can do the trick. There are three sizes available and you can edit the date style as well.


We have found more calendars for children with cute images of animals. All pages have a lot of space to write down activities, mark important dates, doctors appointments and other important notes, but we should never forget to leave enough free time to recharge batteries of our children.


As we can see below, kids are very active, there is a lot of interaction with peers, time is flying and when you add homework, you often realize how short are actually days. If nothing else, for this reason, we need planning, so we can offer to our kids (and for ourselves) most efficient use of time.

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Oh, the school days. When we attended the school we hardly waited to get out. Now, when our wish came true, we often become a bit nostalgic. It seems it is much easier to forget all the stress, obligations and problems than all the happy moments, feeling of proud after successful ending of the project, laughter with friends (with some lifelong lasting friendships).

Well, school is not just education, it is also a starting point for many more or less related activities, which are our first steps in art, sports and, if we may say, real life.

Some people believe a lot of extra-curricular activities will look great on college application and to some they are right, but only well-balanced time can help your kid to realize her/his full potential, so try to plan free days beside the busy ones.

Some people believe a lot of extra-curricular activities will look great on college application and to some they are right, but only well-balanced time can help your kid to realize her/his full potential, so try to plan free days beside the busy ones.

When you are young every day brings another adventure, from dancing and flying with a balloon to shopping and chit-chatting with friends. Childhood passes by very fast and around six or seven years we actually don't have kids anymore. They become boys and girls.


So here they are: an artistic calendar for girls, cute kids calendar with adventures in nature and the evergreen kids calendar with dinosaurs, which is very likely aiming at boys, but girls may love it too!

kids calendar with animals small blank calendar for kids



Children are always on the move and they just love nature. Photo calendars with pictures of wild animals are always welcome in their rooms. They bring a pinch of wilderness in their lives and also have educational value.


The other calendar presents cute little imaginary monsters, colorful creatures from imaginary world which can be so surprisingly rich and entertaining. Let's help them to cherish it as long is possible!

Proper planning can help our children to achieve their goals in school and other areas of their lives. Several studies showed kids who are active in school and outside of school walls develop their talents better than kids who focus on school activities only.


So start planning with cute calendars with popular characters, which may serve as role models, like Frozen, or entertain like Barbie.




While Frozen and Barbie charm girls, boys are definitely more attracted to robots and dinosaurs. As you may already notice these calendars are made for slightly older kids, approximately from seven years on, who prefer more realistic images.


This is especially apparent at the dinosaur calendar which is much different, with completely different graphic than the version for preschool children above.



Let's end our journey in the land of calendars for children with the most demanding group of all - preteens and teenagers. They have their very well develop (although sometimes slightly questionable) taste and know exactly what they want.



They are in the trend, know all the latest gossip and can sing by heart all the latest hits from the pop charts. Calendars with Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift may be just right for some of them, but it is always a challenge to know what is 'in' right here and right now.



As you can see all presented calendars can be personalized and with ability to choose from different styles, colors and sizes make a perfect gift for your or your friend's kids.



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