People who don't plan their lives become parts of other people's plans. It's a hard truth, but there is good news. With a life planner you get a reliable friend who'll help you keep control of your life, constantly make progress and make the best of yourself.

Humans are visual beings and being able to see the agenda of the day or the week gives us a tremendous opportunity for organizing sometimes extremely hectic day into series of smaller doable  tasks which in the end sum up to admirable achievements. It really doesn't matter if you are an aspiring artist, stay at home mother, ambitious student or a future business superstar, everybody can capitalize on using a quality life planner.

We checked dozens and dozens organizers on the market with three main goals in mind:

  1. They are available online, what means everybody can get them without too much hassle.
  2. They are big enough to write down each important task for every day of the year, yet small and light enough to stay portable.
  3. They are all widely tested among real people in real life situations and while none of them got just hundred percent positive reviews, most of them very highly positive, so you by no means order a pig in a poke.

The result is a selection of best life planners and organizers which are not only effective, but look great as well. Each of them is presented with a list of most important characteristics and a summary of reviews with all the pros and cons. Feel free to explore them even further by a simple click on one's picture.

Let's start with a strong favorite:


Tools4Wisdom life planner is not just a calendar organizer. It offers a lot of space for activities, appointments, events, obligations (with pre-printed hourly schedule!), but its biggest value lies in a goal oriented design – each month starts with a section for goals and priorities, so you can easily follow the initial push with progress tracking and if you are at least somehow motivated, it just keeps you moving. With this planner you'll instantly transform yourself from a planner to an achiever!

It offers two hundred pages and weights over one pound, what is not only a consequence of quantity, but quality (thickness) of paper too. These pages won't bleed through. Users love the fact it offers all in one: a place to plan, to analyze, to keep journal, and yes – to dream too. It's a 100 percent USA product with unbelievable costumer service – you can order this planner starting with month of your choice and while several buyers reported about mixed pages, all of them received apology by the company and a free replacement. This is where the real value hides, right?



A Newbie And Already A Leader In Best Buy Category

Good Things Are Going To Happen is only one of five layouts you can choose from. It's a 18 months planner with plenty of space, broken into monthly and weekly views. Apart from very attractive price tag its main attraction is probably ability to add and subtract pages, so you can start and end with the month by your choice and don't have to carry around pages you don't need to.


Dimensions of covers are nearly 8 by 10 inches with 7 by 9 inches of inside pages. This is a so called disc bound planner organizer which gives you a choice to fold it in half when you are short of space or completely open it, when you want to check your agenda for the whole week or month at the same time. Reviewers praised its quality paper which doesn't bleed through (with an exception of sharpies) and its trendy design.

Planning aficionados also love the extras (sold separately) like pockets, flags, stickers and extension kits which can be used with post-its and other goodies, so your planner becomes your unique handy little helper in all situations where a simple piece of paper really makes a difference. Beware, without extras it is pretty plain and simple planner, so if you are more for blows and whistles, check for additional elements by your choice or read about next planners on the list.

What about this one, claiming it is not just oriented at planning your days, but your life?




More than two hundred pages, two pages each week, special pages for writing down your goals and more pages to evaluate your achievements with a bonus section for mid-year assessment. Yes, it has a monthly calendar, weekly schedules and everything you may expect from a classic planner, but this is only a beginning.

This planner is more of a personal assistant devoted to help you define and achieve your life goals. It helps you to ask the right questions, find the right answers and give you proper exercises on the way. It encourage and inspire, helping you to get more focused, efficient and successful. It practically forces you to keep in mind what is really important to you. You'll never neglect your priorities again.




If we got your attention, we should note, this company offers two designs of yearly calendar planners at the moment, one starting with July and another starting with January (available from September on), so you can start your very own personal journey to realization at the end of school of at the end of calendar year. Needless to say, it is also a very popular and extremely thoughtful gift for your friends and relatives.

With Inner Guide you won't just become more organized, you'll also make progress in several personal and professional areas of your live. It will help you clarify your goals on yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly base. If you need a little push at certain moments (and frankly, who doesn't?), this is very likely the one you need to give it a try. And there is another good news: yearly calendar organizer by InnerGuide makes a perfect match with 90 Day Goals Planner by the same company.



A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - a famous quote by Chinese philosopher Laozi is translated in the 90 Day Goals Planner and executed to perfection. Each day is a chance to make a progress and this format helps you to break bigger goals into smaller ones, which are easier to achieve. Time scheduling seamlessly blends with goal settings. It helps you at structuring your time, prioritize and reflect, but most of all - it gives you a hand to keep on track.
Are 90 days enough to accomplish something huge? Probably not, but in general it's enough to master the basics of foreign language, read several books or even write one. It's also enough to replace few bad habits with better ones, thoroughly clean up an apartment or meet a new friend. With this mini life coach you can start on any last day of the week in a year, and if you find out it suits you well, compliment it with yearly calendar organizer presented above. In a way me may say this is the ultimate life planner for beginers.

Looking For Something Simple And Compact?

Sometimes we want to keep track on several family members or several activities in life at once, but don't have a huge tote bag to carry a full size organizer with you. Mom's 18-month planner offers exactly that. It's bulky and relatively small (little less than seven by nine inches), but users report of having plenty of space so they manage to organize families up to four kids or simply very busy lives.


Many life planners are in most cases a bit pricier, but this one isn't among the most expensive ones. It's pretty standard monthly / weekly scheduler with columns, already marked with Child 1, Child 2, etc., but you can easily cover the headings with your own, so you definitely don't have to be a mom to use this mom's planner. By the way, we have a whole section of planners and organizers for moms too!

It comes with handy plastic pockets for cards, coupons, notes and to-do lists. You can put your own photo under the front cover to personalize it, it has sections for contacts and plenty of space for notes, and reviewers reported about pretty good quality of paper, although with intense use of markers, some may bleed through. All in all – a great compact planner for a busy person, available in two different designs and great options for personalization.

With this handy organizer we conclude our curated reviews of the most popular life planners on the market. Remember - plan your life, or somebody else will!



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