You can get your creative juices flowing in many ways and making of a personalized calendar is only one of them.


But why bother? With so many attractive photo calendars on the market, thousands available through on-line services, it is really easy to find something special for every wall, right? Apparently not.


Market changed a lot in recent years and more and more people look for something really unique and personal, when they are trying to find a gift for their loved ones. This is the area where mass production fails.

personalized calendars

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Fortunately we are not limited to the offer of supermarket chains and other similar providers anymore. Many small printers adapted to demand and offered very personalized services to their customers, but two new problems arrived. It is hard to find a good printer, especially if you live in area with not so much industry and technology, and the prices are not so very user friendly.


With web development and on-line services where you can make your very own calendars from scratch or use existing templates, both in the comfort of one's home, whole new business came into the game. If you want to jump on the bandwagon with home design and print on demand services, or maybe you have already take a step further and decided to make an original gift for your dear ones, this selection of personalized calendars for 2019 may be the right start.


With just few clicks you can upload your personal photos on predesigned calendar templates and create unique photo calendars which may serve many purposes, from precious gifts to your relatives to lovely keepsakes for your family archive.


personalized calendar happy holidayscute personalized calendars


Motifs from family life are one of the most obvious choices for personalization. We all like to shoot photos in different situations and create memorable portraits of important moments from one's family's life. Each year offers so many events for making a unique story, we should never run out of ideas for one, two or even more calendars which may serve as lovely reminders for next calendar year or provide an insight into one's life to friend of family member. Yes, grannies are particulary grateful receivers of such cute gifts.

Of course the quality of print and binding can still be an issue. There are many companies offering customization of varying degree and the quality of final print is fluctuating as well. Their interfaces (on-line programs by which you can upload your pictures, change text, etc., until you complete the order with a final click) are not the same either.


There is no definite answer if you want to know which is best solution in your case. It is the best to try a few of them and see what satisfies your demand.

funny calendar for kids


The most popular motifs in personalized calendars are family photos with babies and kids on the top of the list, photos from holidays, family events, business events, nature, hobbies and many users find a custom calendar as a nice way to pay tribute to their little furry and hairy friends. On the calendar templates for 2019 above we see two motifs with kids, first from popular international book series for kids, second with funny photoshopped pictures. As we can see, both instantly open whole new world of opportunities to express one's creativity.


In a personal calendar we can include illustations (professional or made by our kids), photos and we can play with special effects as well. We can, for instance, include family members in twelve different adventures in twelve months of the year, all just with some imagination and few clicks.

Don't forget cats, dogs, parrots and other pets which bring so much joy in our life. Thanks to advanced technology they can keep us company at our offices and similar places where they can't go with us.

personalized calendar

photo personalized calendar


If you are an inspiring photographer, there is a good chance you already have plenty of great photos which may be of interest to wider audience, but having a public exhibition is often not a viable idea for many reasons, finance being probably one of them. But now your collection of photographies can shine in its full potential.


With a personalized calendar you can kill two birds with one stone: make a precious keepsake of your photographic endeavors and create a practical public display for everybody who may pass by your office desk and see your creations in high quality print on the wall. Throughout the year the audience can rise to hundreds or even thousand spectators.


Such wall calendar with your photos can be a great conversation starter. Who knows? Maybe this little project opens the doors to something bigger?


bora bora personalized wall calendar calendar with clouds


We should not underestimate the educational power of a personalized calendar either. As we can see at the examples above and below, a cute picture hanging on the wall can serve as decorative element and as a source of information too. Pictures from foreign countries may help us at geography, photos of plants at biology, we can also fuse our hobbies into nice visual diary of our activities in one calendar year presenting them month by month.


Teachers can customize calendars for their classrooms according to school curriculum, so their pupils can absorb more knowledge in attractive and playful way without even knowing they are learning.

bonsai calendar personalized calendar with roses


If you decide to make your personalized wall calendar, you'll probably use one of predesigned templates to avoid the hassle with sizes, margins and similar technicalities.


This approach works great for smaller companies, sports clubs, associations and related institutions where you need certain level of customization, maybe want to add a company logo or motivational motto, a coat of arms, etc., but don't want to order hundreds or thousands copies. But if you decide to order few extras for collegues or associates, majority of on-line services offer a distribution of calendars in bulk with appropriate discounts too!


personalized photo calendars space calendar


We conclude our presentation of high quality personalized wall calendars with two examples of very different  designs. As we can see a wall calendar can become a perfect keepsake after we upload our own photos and apply the desired changes in font, style and other parameters.


The last item can serve as an inspiration with series of quotes, decorated with simp,e design or maybe a company logo. We can also design something more intimate, maybe present scenes from family life, make a family tree, and everything else we might imagine. The final result can be a real family treasure and appreciated gift for at least few of relatives.


Enjoy in creation!




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