When the school starts again in September, life can become overwhelming very fast. School year calendars can be of great help to stay organized, find time for everything important and still enjoy the precious moments of your life.

We live in the age of digitalization and there are hundreds apps on the market which can instantly transform our smart phones and similar gadgets into virtual assistants for almost every area. But let's face it – most of us are visual types in general and this percentage rises when we enter the area of time management. Large wall calendar with a clear schedule and colorful entries will always win over small-screen battery-dependant applications which just don't deliver everything we expect from a school calendar for entire family in our home.

There are many great school year calendars for 2022-2023 on the market and we carefully considered pros and cons of dozens of them to make a selection of the best ones available on-line, from the comfort of your home, hopefully with an additional bonus in form of a nice discount. So feel free to check them out!


School Year At A Glance Wall Calendar

While school calendars in general aim at kids (they are going to school after all), everything still depends on moms in most cases. A mom has an overview on each family member's activities, she has all the contact information and other important papers, she knows who, when, where and how, so it's an obvious choice to somehow connect every individual school calender 2022-2023 with a central wall calendar, where everybody can check what's going with everybody at a glance. Non just for himself, but for others as well. This system works great in thousands of families and is often a starting poit leading to the most precious and powerful tool of all, a planner to rule them all - Mom's Planner.

Classic design of School Year At A Glance calendars with one month per page proved as great success among generations of users. It offers a lot of space for appointments, deadlines, birthdays and other important reminders, which can be written with different colors, so everybody can see each other's obligations. This way planning becomes transparent and fun. Nice bonus is a full year calendar at the bottom of every monthly page and we all love fashionable floral design with combination of black and white with teal.


School Year Calendars For Kindergarten And First Graders


Time management skills can be learned and improved through all life, but like many other things the best time to start is at early age. We all know how much can children learn with play and this bestselling magnetic school year calendar by Melissa & Doug gives exactly that – opportunity to start learning about the concept of time and its organizing in fun, colorful way, where kids can be involved as much as they and their parents feel they are able to handle.

This dry erase board comes with 134 different magnetic tiles and guarantees hours of entertainment for little ones who are still learning to master the concept of time. Children from four to eight love to check the calendar day after day and make plans for next few days ahead, what spontaneously builds the basics of time managements skills and ability of planning.

There are few issues with this board:

  • there is no room for more than one activity for the day, so you can't plan 'sport's event' on 'sunny day' for instance,
  • squares are small and very easy to loose, so the calendar should be kept in place, where small children can't reach it,
  • there is only one tile for each date / activity / idea, so you can't put on recurring activities, for instance.

The magnetic wall calendar with dry erase board is still a popular time planning tool for many users who have found several ways around these weaknesses. Some bought additional boards (they are pretty affordable after all), some used tiles with more exotic holidays for missing activities (they sticked images from magazines over original ones), some bought magnetic tape and made their own tiles, and some used scotch tape to support them. All in all we are dealing with a very good school calendar for kids, especially for small ones and children with special needs.

School Year Calendar With A Pocket


This cute wall planner with lovely illustrations by Allison Cole clearly aims at kids. It has a handy pocket for notes, receipts, shopping lists and similar papers (everybody with kids in school never runs out of important documents), many stickers and a magnetic hanger, but the main characteristic is definitely a huge space for each day of every month. And it's a 17-month calendar!

Such wall planners often become indispensable helpers of the whole family. All important activities of all members are easily collected and presented in one place, so a calendar serves as a central point of family gatherings and the single spot where everybody can get all the needed info about everybody else. It starts with a school year and lasts all the way to the end of next calendar year.

Custom School Year Calendar To Improve Time Management Skills Of Your Kid

Kids have different sense of time than adults, but when they grow up, their responsibilities grow too and their organizational skills should improve. They need to establish daily routines, follow the rules, develop working habits and get accustomed to finish more important although often less appealing tasks before they start enjoying at video games, chatting or whatever free activities may interest them most.

A nice wall calendar, maybe with an image of characters your child may relate to, could be of great help when we try to set the basics of time planning. School year offers pretty good time frame with one long, but not too long unit (a year) with several smaller ones (months, weeks), many smaller and one really big deadline, with holidays, birthdays and other important dates, by which we all orient. This particular calendar is actually customizable, so you can start and end a school year by any months you wish, upload an image of your choice, add a personal message and so on.

There are many other options to make a school calendar for your tween or teenager as personalized and effective as possible: with size, paper type, different fonts, and you can frame it too! All this from the comfort of your home with just few simple clicks of your mouse.

Planning is one of the most valuable lessons we can learn in life and one of those we all would like to learn more about in school, but we don't. Just like with money skills. Both should be learned together with history, nature sciences and other subjects. Well, they sometimes say time is money, but time is undoubtedly even more precious. We all can earn and spend money, but time can only be spent, right? Let's help our kids to use it wisely!


Get Your Personalized School Year Monthly Calendar!

monthly school year calendars While we kept the same characters (Rascals from 3 A) in next two calendars as well, we decided to present both of them in monthly format. Yearly format gives better overall view, but for any serious planning one month at the page definitely works better.












monthly calendars school year This two page calendar for school year 2022-2023 is available in 13 different styles for dates and holidays, 7 different colors of bindings, and in three different sizes. You can scroll through it month by month, funny illustration by funny illustration, so your kid will never get out of inspiration or space for writing down important appointments or other things to remember, whatever seemed moe important to him or her at the given moment.

The other 2022-2023 school year calendar for kids uses slightly different format - one page only, what may or may not suit you better. It also comes with an option of full customization, in the same number of styles and colors, but only in two different sizes. It's made of high quality paper, so no need for bleed-through worries, if you kids use colored markers on this one.

With this short review we conclude our selection of the best school year calendars. Many companies offer their products all year round, some 12 month, other 16 or even 17 month formats, so there is a good chance we'll add additional calendars before the school year starts. Feel free to bookmark this page for your further reference and tell your friends if you found what you were looking for. Have a successful school year!

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