Rascals from 3a is the first book of short stories for kids. With school year calendars you can invite all the main characters right into your room. They are creative, they are fun and they are always ready for new business….

Complete series is on the recommended reading list for third-, fourth- and fifth-graders in their homeland and your children will very likely enjoy their free-spirit, so you can spoil them with first two books for Kindle and cute calendars available at Zazzle.

School calendars are fully customizable (different shapes, sizes and ability to add your own text and graphics), so they can make an original and personalized gift for your little rascals. Another bonus is a set of free coloring pages with scenes from the adventures of the main characters. This means education and fun at the same time, right?



School Year Calendar

Personalized calendars for new school year are already available at Zazzle.com - get one now!


One of the most important lessons in every kid's life is undoubtedly importance of so called delayed gratification.

Famous Marshmallow experiment when scientists faced four and five year old children with a choice to eat a marshmallow now or to wait for 15 minutes, but in this case getting two. Dozens of other tests were made and important conclusions followed, but the most important two of them are probably:

  1. Kids, who were able to wait were more successful in lives (they were tracked for four decades) in virtually all areas: health, education, money, relationships, …
  2. Ability to delay gratification can be learned.


school year calendar template

personalized school year calendar












A simple tool, like school calendar, can be of tremendous help when school children learn about planning their time and setting priorities. It's very important to give them ability to visualize something essentially so abstract as the concept of time. With a quality calendar they will learn there is time for work and time for play, they will learn to set hours for activity and hours for rest, time for planning and time for fun.

With adorable characters like Rascals from 3 a, so similar to everyday children, with ability to hang with them through stories, coloring sheets and calendars your kid will definitely experience the first lessons of time management and delay of gratification as smoothly as possible. All calendars can be ordered in different shapes, sizes and with addition of your personal message.



school year calendar editable

school year calendars













School year calendars for new school year are available in different sizes (small, standard and large) and different types (single page or two-page calendar). You can add different colors of wire and 10 styles of calendar, which means how the numbers are printed. You can choose classic frameless or grid, large numbers, different numbers for different seasons and so on.

We shouldn't forget about discounts - you'll get 5 % quantity discount if you get 2 calendars - and they can be different, not the same (you can get one calendar for yourself too).


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