Do you need a December 2023 calendar? Our printable and free (for personal use) planners are available in different formats and colors are right here, where you can also check some premium calendars as possible gifts. It's time of Christmas, joy, hope and new beginnings.

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golden retriever calendar personalize it


December is also a time of year when we look at calendars more than in any other part of the year. It's time of reminiscence and dreaming, but also planning. Why not in the company of man's best friend? We have found trully cute 2024 golden retriever calendar presented above which is not only made of high quality materials but fully customizable as well. This means you can not only replace photos and text with your own material, but choose between different sizes, styles and start of the year too!

If you like golden retrievers (and frankyl, who doesn't?), there is a full article about golden retriever calendars right here.


Free Printable December 2023 Calendar

You probably already know December got its name by number ten, just like November by number nine from times when calendars didn't have January and February. But did you know one of old superstitions predicts sunny and warm Easter in case of snowy Christmas? While this seems quite a long shot, we prepared several free calendars with different photos of snowy landscape for your personal use to get in right holiday mood.


december 2023 calendar printable c

printable calendar december cprintable december 2023 calendar c

 In December we have a winter solstice on Northern hemisphere. 21th December is the shortest day (and longest night) of the year. Ancient people believed this is the day when old Sun dies and new is born, so they celebrated it in different ways.  With rise of Christianity this important holiday was fused with the birth of Christ who is by some interpretations an incarnation of Sun!

Cold days don't necessary mean we can't have a lot of outdoor fun in December. If it's snowy, we can ski, skate, sled, make snowmen and snow angels. Of course it is great time for snowball fights too!

personalized calendars photo merry christmas

 Cold weather has its pros and cons. among biggest pros is definitely a chance to spend more time with a family, which is still the most valuable 'possesion' to the majority of people in the world. It's time for long talks, storytelling, party games and definitely lots of chances to catch some invaluable moments into photographies. When you make few good ones, you can design your own family calendar, like the one above, just with your own material.


Such personalized calendars are always welcomed gifts among other family members and their value surpass their usefulness. They often become precious keepsakes which are cherished many years after the calendar year is already over.


Monthly Calendars With Christmas Ornaments And other Holiday Themes for December 2023

Christmas is all about traditions and customs. Apart from Santa Claus we should not forget Saint Nicholas, patron of students, merchants, sailors, prisoners and of course children.


free december 2023 calendar c

printable calendar december 2023 cfree printable december 2023 calendar c

Did you know St. Nicolas, Santa Claus and Father Christmas are actually all the same person? Sinterklaas (Dutch for Saint Nicholas) is easily mistaken for Santa Claus and the date of celebration in Europe (6 December) was moved to 25 December because travel across the sea took some time ...

Time flies and we all know how important is good plannning, especially for kids. In December when it seems everything happens twice faster than in other months, a monthly calendar can come even handier.

We have chosen many different thematic photos to make a lot of printable calendars for December, so your holiday spirit can start on the first day in month and last to the very end of the year!

It is perfect time to spend with your family, enjoying in baking and many other sweet moments of life. These free monthly printable calendars will give you only few ideas but in reality you are limited only with your imagination. 

december printable calendar 2023 c

december calendar 2023 printable cdecember 2023 printable calendar c

Calendar for kids

Yes, we made them with larger images too! All free for personal use, all ready to print:)

dec 2023 calendar printable for kids c

kids calendar for december c

december calendar for kids to print c



calendar santa coloring c

christmas calendar coloring sheet c

december calendar coloring page c

december coloring page cute bear c

2023 december calendar printable c

calendar december 2023 printable c

dec calendar 2023 printable c

printable dec calendar c

If this is not enough, you can also pick one of our original free printable advent calendars with different themes in different formats.


golden retriever christmas ornament add your photo


We have already mentioned dog calendars and talking so much about holiday spirit, it's probably appropriate to say few words about decor too. Here we have a personalized Christmas dog ornament, wher you can upload a photography of your puppy and share the joy with your four legged friend. Some people even like to use them of kind of memorial ornaments, paying hommage to long-time hairy friends who are not with them any more. Well, in a way, they can still be part of the Christmas, at least with their pictures and as we all know - Christmas time is also a time for some magic!

Blank calendars to print

Blank calendars can be real life savers and this is especially true for December, which, despite having 31 days, is believed to be the shortest month in the year. Here we have four full page templates in landscape and portrait format, with or without holidays.

blank december 2023 calendar c

blank calendar december 2023 c

 While the calendars above are completely blank the pair below has Christmas marked on 25th of December. Both versions are available in portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) format.

blank dec 2023 calendar holidays c

blank dec calendar c














More blank calendars to print

You want it plain and simple but not boring? We got them with pink borders - in two formats.

cute printable calendar december 2023 c

printable december 2023 calendar pink c


December is time of expectations and children will love these cute calendars with bears and elephants. With blue and pink borders!


printable calendar december 2023 pretty c

december 2023 calendar printable cute c


printable calendar december kids c

blank dec 2023 calendar c

National Holidays in December :

- Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25th and New Year's Eve on December 31st in USA
- Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25th, Boxing Day on December 26th and New Year's Eve on December 31st in Canada and Australia
- Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25th and Boxing Day on December 26th in United Kingdom.


December is:
- Universal Human Rights Month
- Safe Toys and Gifts Month
- National Write A Business Plan Month
- Worldwide Food Service Safety Month.


Funny Observances and Holidays in December2023:
- 1st - Day With(out) Art Day
- 1st - Basketball Day
- 4th - National Cookie Day
- 8th - Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day
- 10th - Nobel Prize Day
- 12th - Poinsettia Day
- 21st - Winter Solstice
- 26th - National Candy Cane Day
- 28th - National Chocolate Day
- 31th - Make Up Your Mind Day.


Celebrity Birthdays in December:
- 1st - Woody Allen
- 2nd - Britney Spears
- 3rd - Ozzy Osbourne
- 4th - Jay Z
- 5th - Walt Disney
- 6th - Stefanie Scott
- 7th - Larry Bird
- 8th - Nicki Minaj
- 9th - Kirk Douglas
- 10th - Raven Symone
- 11th - Nikki Sixx
- 12th - Frank Sinatra
- 13th - Taylor Swift
- 14th - Vanessa Hudgens
- 15th - Adam Brody
- 16th - Anna Popplewell
- 17th - Milla Jovovich
- 18th - Brad Pitt
- 19th - Jake Gyllenhaal
- 20th - Jojo
- 21st - Samuel L. Jackson
- 22nd - Ralph Fiennes
- 23rd - Holly Madison
- 24th - Ricky Martin
- 25th - Humphrey Bogart
- 26th - Jared Leto
- 27th - Gerard Depardieu
- 28th - Denzel Washington
- 29th - Jude Law
- 30th - Lebron James
- 31th - Anthony Hopkins.



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