What is Anti-Valentine Week with the List of Things to Do to Make Most of It

Anti-Valentine Week is one of the numerous and more creative answers to over-commercialized Valentine's Day, which recently expanded to Valentine's Week. For everybody who is fed up with pink hearts, red roses, and dark chocolate we prepared a list of all days in the so-called Anti-Valentine Week.

Here is a complete list.


  • February 15: Slap Day
  • February 16: Kick Day
  • February 17: Perfume Day
  • February 18: Flirting Day
  • February 19: Confession Day
  • February 20: Missing Day
  • February 21: Breakup Day


And a poster for your wall:

anti valentine week

Slap Day

The Anti-Valentine Week starts with Slap Day on February 15. The passion built in Valentine's Week culminates in an act of violence that should be understood metaphorically. You definitely don't need to slap somebody for real.

slap day

Now it's time to process your anger against the ex (or exes) who have hurt you. Did he or she lie to you? Or cheated on you? Do you still feel some anger? Maybe sadness, sorrow? Slap the negativity in you!

There is plenty of fish in the ocean and life is too short for being a prisoner of bad feelings. Just slap them the Slap Day is a perfect opportunity to do just that.

What to do on Slap Day?

Anti-Valentine Week is all about activity. Here are some ideas for making the best of Slap Day:

  • Meet a friend and exchange some anecdotes about your past love life. Try to tell the stories as humorous as possible. If a tear or two come out, it o.k., but this should be no goal. The point is to see the failed relationship from a new perspective.
  • Go to the gym and spend a few minutes with a punching bag. Try to remember what went wrong and indulge in the possibility to let the bad stuff out of you. Don't think just about your ex, be fair and admit your fault too. It takes two for every disagreement and it's up to you to learn from your mistakes.
  • Find a video game where you can fight an enemy (this should probably be a very easy task) and beat him! Stay disciplined and don't exaggerate. A slap is an act of violence but it takes only a second with a lasting effect.

Kick Day

The second day of Anti-Valentine Week is called a Kick Day. Again, it has to be comprehended as a metaphor. Now it's time to say goodbye to bad memories and shake off the poor vibes.

kick day

February 16 is a great opportunity to go through the boxes at the back of your closet and get rid of objects which are helping your bitterness of past relation(s) to stay alive. Maybe you should finally tear that photo from the last trip together?

Metaphorically (and literally) kicking stuff belonging to the past away can have a surprisingly healing effect. The burden from your exes should become - an ex burden.

When you are ready to kick away your failures you'll be ready to recognize and hopefully grab new opportunities. Just a few ideas for spending the Kick Day:

  • Collect the objects (especially gifts, greeting cards, photo albums, and things bought together in different phases of your failed relationship) in the backyard and kick them until you are tired. Add some relieving yelling.
  • Meet with some friends for a friendly football or rugby match. If you don't have a proper ball, improvise with empty cans. If you don't have friends or they don't have time for you, find at least a trash can and kick it a few times (don't hurt yourself!). And expand your friend circle until the next Kick Day.
  • Write a letter where you blame your ex for all the troubles in your life. Be funny. The funnier you make it, the more relief you'll feel when you read it aloud (without an audience, if possible). Then crush the paper and kick it in the trash.

Perfume Day

Perfume Day comes after two intense days of Anti-Valentine Week. This day should be about you and your pleasure. Enjoy a perfume or other nice fragrance.

perfume day

Perfume Day falls on February 17. You are absolutely not limited to perfume only, so we suggest a few things you could do to make the best of Perfume Day:

  • Go for a walk in the park or the forest. Explore the plants, especially their smell. Even if it's winter, you'll be surprised by how many interesting fragrances you can find in nature. If you do that in good company, you can organize an interesting competition in recognition of different smells.
  • Visit a spa. Enjoy a mud bath or sauna or massage or whatever suits you. Relax or meditate or both. Life can be unbelievably nice even if you are not in a relationship. Again, you can go to a spa with a friend and intensify the experience.
  • Make your own perfume! It's pretty easy to make a simple perfume that can serve as a thoughtful gift as well. If you can't find a satisfying fragrance in nature, you can buy a few etheric oils and experiment a bit. The web is full of step-by-step recipes.

Flirting Day

February 18 is officially called Flirting Day. Being right in the middle, it's the central day in Anti-Valentine Week.

flirting day

Flirting Day is a great occasion to flirt (what else?) with someone you like or with a random person. In both cases don't exaggerate. Flirting should be fun. For both! It's also an opportunity to check what others feel about you.

How to spend Flirting Day?

  • Invest a few minutes in compiling the pickup lines around the web. Choose at least three and try them on real people. You will be surprised by the effect of even the cheesiest lines.
  • Ask somebody out. Don't plan a perfect evening with dinner and gifts. Just think of something to break the everyday routine. Invite a neighbor for coffee. Introduce yourself to somebody you see a lot but don't even know his or her name. Roll in in an evening class. Have a new experience.
  • Wear something flirtatious. Yes, it can be a new piece of wardrobe. Or sexy underwear in which you'll feel young and daring and desirable. Maybe even go out alone and enjoy yourself in a good meal, fishing around for compliments?

Confession Day

Confession Day falls on February 19. It's time to let your feelings out. If you are not ready to confess your sympathy to somebody you would like to be romantically involved with, talk about your feelings with a friend. Or just write them in your diary.

confession day

What are the best activities on Confession Day (19th of February)?

  • It's probably best to confess something, of course! Get together with a friend and confess to him or her bout one truly embarrassing moment from your life. Did you make fool of yourself at the Christmas party in the office? Steal a bar of chocolate as a kid? Broke a toy and frame your sibling?
  • Sit down and write a short (or long, heck, you can create an epic) erotic poem. Present your wildest fantasies in vivid detail. When you are done, read it thoroughly and try to make it even wilder, but without vulgarity. For the grand finale, illustrate it.
  • Read a few jokes for inspiration and tell one of them in form of a confession to a friend or colleague. Make him or her blush. It's very important to practice before you tell it, so you could look authentic. In the end, explain to him or her that you were just kidding. Or maybe not.

Missing Day

We are approaching the end of Anti-Valentine Week. February 20 is called Missing Day. Time to think about how you miss somebody.

missing day

It's allowed to be a bit sentimental on the Missing Day. Everybody has somebody who played an important part in his or her life but is now out of the picture. Temporarily or for good. Sometimes we miss this person so much it hurts.

A few tips for Missing Day:

  • Watch a sentimental movie. Maybe a series you used to watch together? Or a movie with the theme 'a missing person' was especially passionate about? No matter if you watch it alone or in a company, have a lot of handkerchiefs ready.
  • Tell somebody how you miss him or her. It could be a lover, a friend, a relative, or somebody who played important role in your past but you lost contact. In the last case, try to find an opportunity to catch up at least for a bit.
  • Make a list of people and objects who you miss right now. What can you do to improve the situation? Can you visit somebody? Can you go through your stuff and find an old photo or a recording?

Breakup Day

Breakup Day concludes the Anti-Valentine Week. On this day which falls on February 21, you should reevaluate your relationships, no matter if they are romantic or not.

breakup day

People are social beings and our feelings mostly depend on our relationships. Being in love is great but only if your feelings are returned. The same is true in friendships and business. If you are blocked in a relationship where you are just giving and giving, without getting anything significant in return, it's possibly time to move on.

What can you do to make the best out of Breakup Day?

  • Stop hanging in unproductive or even toxic relations. Unrequited love is very likely just a waste of time and energy. It's also a lost opportunity to build a successful romance. If you recognize yourself in such a situation, just break up. As you can break up with a lover, you can do the same with a friend, a relative, or a colleague (the same is true with jobs). Sometimes you can't simply go away. In this situation find a way to minimize interaction with the other side and make a plan to move on as soon as possible with minimal damage.
  • Breakup Day, the last day of Anti-Valentine Week is a great chance to stop a bad habit. Maybe you are spending too much time with your smartphone, drinking too much coffee, or have a sleeping problem because you don't go to your bed soon enough. Identify a bad habit in your life and eradicate it.
  • If you are still occupied with a person or relationship from your past, you probably need some kind of closure. You can write a letter to this person (or family, or company) and tell it's enough. You decided to move on and won't stay a hostage of a failed relationship. Just write your thoughts down. Don't send them.

As you can see, there is plenty to do during Anti-Valentine Week. With Slap Day, Kick Day, Perfume Day, Flirt Day, Confession Day, Missing Day, and Breakup Day there are plenty of chances to make the most of time after Valentine's Day even if you are single and not ready to dive into a new romantic relationship.

Make the most of Anti-Valentine Week!

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