Buying a gift is always a challenge. Finding a perfect present for a kid is even more demanding. So if you are wandering what to buy to a seven year old boy for christmas, birthday or other special occasion, you are undoubtedly not alone. Boys at this age are particularly picky because they still love to play in classic, 'childish' way, yet don't want to admit it anymore. Their imagination is extremely strong, but on the other hand sense of reality is rising very fast. This means a toy for a 7 years old boy should be relatively realistic, yet open for hundreds of unexpected ways of usage.

In ideal world we are looking for a gift which is educational, fun, loaded with action and - obviously - cool. While construction toys and vehicles are still popular among boys between 9 months and 99 years, for the sake of this post we collected several gift ideas for 7 year olds which reflect another characteristic specific for this age: individuality.

This is achieved with personalization, which is becoming a new standard at gift giving. To add a special twist, I decided to choose  a common theme for all gifts. This is a cover image from popular book of short stories for kids titled Rascals from 3 a.


Is Your 7 Year Old Into Sports?


custom soccer ball with pictures


What would possibly be more universal gift than a good (actually great) ball? This personalized soccer ball with a name and a picture instantly opens wide range of opportunities for every kid. It offers  countless ways to build endurance, team spirit, balance, power and all kinds of other skills. Best of all is ability to customize it.

You can change just the name or upload an image of your choice, maybe just change a background, or .... Use the existing design to play around with possibilities, offered by Zazzle's friendly platform, where no technical skills are required and superb result is always expected. The ball si hand stitched and printing will not peel off, because durability is liability of the maker who believes you deserve the best, just like you probably want the best for the happy receiver.


custom ping pong paddle


Custom ping pong paddles are always welcome at table tennis fans. If the seven year old you are choosing a gift for is not among them yet, he'll pretty sure become one, if you play your ball right - with cool personalization. The preset design features the cover scene from Rascals from 3 a, but you can use any image you want.

And yes - you can add the name of the happy boy too. You can customize both sides of the ping pong pad or just one. In this case, the other will be covered with firm rubber, what gives a player ability of playing different strokes and to become better table tennis player. This custom ping pong paddle has an ergonomic handle and comes wrapped as a gift!


personalized mini basketball


Personalized mini basketballs are popular in all closed areas where boys of all ages hone their shooting skills independently of the weather, competition, audience and even the ball (yes, a crumpled piece of paper is enough!). If you are thinking to give it as a present, you probably want a high quality item with ability of personal touch.

Just like at custom soccer ball above you can show your creativity in different ways - by uploading your photo or changing the name with whimsical inscription. The hoop comes without a ball (!) but  has velcro tabs for hanging on the wall. If your boy enjoys throwing stuff from one side of room to the other, this is the chance to direct him at proper training routine. Hours of fun guaranteed!


Fun, Practical And Educational Presents for Seven Years Old Boy


best books for 7 year olds


Seven year olds already read chapter books and collections of short stories, but they still love to see a lot of pictures. Humorous tales with numerous funny illustrations will provide them with enough stimulus to translate their inborn curiousity into lifelong reading commitment. These early reading age is crucial, so only the best books should be on the menu.

"Rascals from 3 a" offers a lot of action and fun, like all books for kids should do. Their added value lies in multileveled storytelling. They are written as first person narratives with original and amusing look at life. But under the obvious fun we always find a deeper meaning with often slightly surprising moral which satisfies even the most demanding readers. Rascals from 3 a are popular from third to eighth graders and their parents love to read about their adventures too!


personalized kids lunch box


After all the action everybody becomes hungry. Your seven year old boy needs a refill too. Personalized kids lunch boxes are trendy and practical solution for this problem. We can stop for a moment, take a bite or two and then just keep moving. Of course we should never forget the basic principles of hygene, so it is wise to choose a lunch box which already stood the test of time on the market.

Unique yubo design with custom print contains no BPA, no lead and no phthalate and has three compartments (one larger and two smaller) plus an ice pack. It's dishwasher safe. Most important characteristic is problably ability of customization. You can use your own graphics and text and there are six basic colors of the frame to choose from. As additional option there are extra faceplates and different containers as possible accessories you can order as well.


custom kids calendar


Look how time flies! We are already at the end of the list of gifts for a seven year old boy. While kids at this age generally burst with energy, they still need some kind of tool for appropriately divide their time. Their schedule is just way too loaded with all kinds of activities. To help making the most of each day you can give your kids a personalized calendar with funny scenes from "Rascals from 3 a".

Well, you can upload any kind of image you want and there is a nifty frame for the name of happy receiver or a personal dedication. Each month features different picture and it's up to you to replace existing ones or use what is already present. With different sizes, grid, language and culture styles and colors, colors of binding wire and ability to pick the starting and ending date, you have countless of options to create truly unique calendar for kids. If you would like to have even more inspiration, we created two dedicated pages with calendars for kids and school year calendars.

With this we conclude our selection of gift ideas for seven year olds. If you find them interesting, please, share them with your friends.

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