Halloween is not just a scary holiday, it can be very funny too. Kids and grown ups actually prefere more humorous approach to this time of partying, And that's why you can find a lot of easy Halloween costumes for adults here. They are meant for grown ups because they can look really funny in relatively simple costumes. This costumes will not take a lot of your time or money, but they will make people laugh and you'll feel good in them too.

The easiest way to be funny for men is always to dress like a woman - put on a short skirt, a bra, high heels, some make-up or at least red lipstick and a wig. Blond wig can be especially hillarious! (Please all blond girls out there don't be offended, I used to be blond too.) And there you have first funny costume!

You can check out for some more below and you may find some great ideas that will suit you.

Sumo Wrestler Costume


Sumo Wrestler is my first choice of a simple yet super funny costume for Halloween. Just put on this costume and you'll be the funniest person at any party. Doesn't he look ike a giant baby in an ovesized diaper?

And what will you get in this set? There are sumo bodysuit with attached hoop, a sumo belt and a wig with sumo hair.
This costume is available in one size, it's made of polyester and you can hand wash it. Of course it can be used at any costume party not just at Halloween parties.

Amazon reviewers say it's an excellent costume, of good quality material and surprisingly comfortable to wear. Another bonus - people, who like to quarrel or even fight at parties will leave you alone:) No more pushuing around for you - ever.


Nice Bass Trophy Costume


If you are a fisherman or not, you'll sure turn heads in this costume. It's uncomplicated and easy to wear costume. It can be a part of a group costume, for instance, just add a fisherman costume or a giant can, you'll have another amusing costume at once.

In this set you'll get a head-piece only, which means you'll have to add a shirt and pants, but the head is tha main attraction anyways. Costume is made of polyester, it's hand washable and you can use it next Halloween again.

This outfit got very positive reviews from numerous customers on Amazon and several of them intend to use it for years and years.


Mustard Costume


While mustard may not be very entertaining as food, you can be look really ridiculous in this mustard costume, if you want to ignite some laughs. You'll get mustard tunic and a hat, so you need to add your own pants and a shirt. This costume is very comfortable and inexpensive too.

You can add a ketchup costume, a hot dog costume and a Coca-Cola can costume and here you go - another great group costume is formed. It's made of polyester and hand washable and available in one standard size.

According to Amazon reviewers it's a great costume for great price and very easy to wear.


Spoon Costume


Have you ever thought about going out to a party as a spoon? A giant silver spoon, maybe? Don't forget, it's a costume for adults!

You'll get a spoon tunic costume, but you'll have to buy a shirt and pants separately. Simplicity and fun are guaranteed!

It's suitable for men or women and you can wear it as a group costume too, just imagine a group of spoons walking around. There is a fork and spoon costume together available too, so you have a complete set of tableware, if yu want, just please stay away feom the knife ... This costume is made of polyester and hand washable.

Just like all other coosumes on this page this costume got very positive reviews, so you don't need to worry - it's a great buy.


Chicken Bird Halloween Costume


My last funny costume idea is a funky chicken costume. In this set there are yellow jumpsuit, a headpiece, red and white stockings and orange shoe covers. You can wear it to Halloween party, other costume parties and on Easter too, of course.

This costume is made of polyester, jumpsuit for instance is made of really soft microfiber, and it can be dry cleaned only. It's available in five adult sizes, from small to extra large.

This costume got many positive reviews on Amazon, because it is ReviAmazon reviewers say it's great Halloween costume, because it's silly in best possible way and comfortable as well.

So what is your choice among simple Halloween costumes for adults?

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