Are you a Kiss fan? What do you think about Kiss costumes for women for this Halloween? You can wear it to Halloween party or to any other costume party any other time of the year.

Even though Kiss is all men band, costumes for women include skirts too. So it becomes a sexier version of the Kiss. You can wear a costume for men too if you would like to look like a real Kiss member. There are quite a lot of costumes and masks. And you can add their famous make-up too.

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The Starchild character by Willtron, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons


Sexy The Starchild Costume

kiss starchild costume picture

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If The Starchild (Paul Stanley) is your favorite Kiss member, you just have to choose this outfit to wear on Halloween.

It's sexy and officially licensed Starchild costume for ladies and you'll get black and silver dress with sewed on belt and black leggins with printed stars. For complete changeover You'll have to buy a wig and shoes separately - you can find few suggestions below.


The Starchild Mask

paul stanley kiss makeup

Kiss, the famous rock band, has been with us for forty years, the band was formed in 1973. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons are still active band members after all these years.

They sold more than 40 million albums in USA and 100 million albums all over the world.

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have been in the band from the beginning, but drummers and lead guitarists have changed few times. And even now, after 40 years, they are still playing. They have been on a would tour since November 2012.

Kiss are known for wearing make-up on stage - their characters are Starchild, The Demon, Spaceman and Catman. They showed up for the first time without make-up in 1983, 10 years after they started with the band.

Image on the right is The Starchild character. It's derived from image by Willtron, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons, I (Pippi) just added purple background.


Kiss Sexy The Demon Costume 

costume of demon from kiss
The Demon is another officially licensed costume. This one represents Gene Simmons and it's probably your choice if you are his fan.

You'll get black mini dress with a belt and long fingerless gloves with wings. Silver details are printed on the dress and belt. It's sexy costume, made of polyester and available in four sizes.

Again - boots and a black wig can be purchased separately - check them out below. If you like Gene, but this costume just don't send the right vibes, we wrote additional article about Halloween costumes inspired by Gene Simmons.


Demon Mask

gene simmons kiss makeup


Some still remeber watching Gene Simmons, the frontman of the band,  and his family, wife Shannon and his kids Sophie and Nick in reality show Family Jewels. There were 8 seasons and more than 160 episodes of their reality show filmed between 2006 and 2012.

Image on the right is The Demon character. It's derived from image by Willtron, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons, I (Pippi) just added red background.





Kiss Catman Costume 

kiss catman costume
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Are you ready for some rock and roll? In Kiss Catman costume you'll party whole night and it's a good chance you'll be the star of the event! Costume includes a dress in signature black and silver colors, black leggings and armbands with metallic deocrative elements. Of course you'll need proper makeup, boots with some height and probably a wig too. This is officially licensed costume made by Ruby, a company with more than half of century tradition.
Be very careful at picking the size and maintain the costume properly, so yu can enjoy it for many cosplay and costumized parties. Hand wash only!


Kiss Spaceman Costume

kiss spaceman costume

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Here we have another quality costume based on members of the Kiss band, this time a Spacemane, but in ladie's version. In black and silver, with dozens of tiny details, it's not just convincing, with proper make up it will look very hot too. If you want to shine at the costumized even, that might be the right choice and according to positive reviews, it is comfortable and durable at the same time.

Apart from dress and leggings you'll get armbands and a belt, other accessories are avalable separately. Just read on!

Kiss Wig

If you are going to wear one of the Kiss costumes and you don't have long black curly hair, you'll probably need a wig. Here is the best rated wig for the money.

The Demon wig made by Rubies.

kiss gene simmons wig

Buy at Kiss Wig - The Demon

With this black wig you'll really become the Demon - sexy lady edition. Just add the Demon make-up and you are ready to win any Halloween costume contest. Most of reviewers were more than pleased with their purchase, although few of them thoght it could be a bit thicker, but all in all if you are looking for a good buy, an affordable wig for instant transformation into a rockstar - you don't have to look anymore.

It's available in one standard size and made of synthetic fiber. Hand wash only.


Women's Platform Wedge Boot

kiss demon boots

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There are no shoes in the Kiss costume set so you'll have to buy them separately. You can wear platform boots like this. These black synthetic boots are 14 inches high, platforms of the boots measure 2.5 inches and heels measure 4 inches with rubber sole.

They have multiple buckle straps and zipper at the back of the boots. They are available in sizes from 6 to 12 US.

You can wear them with this costume or any other costume or in everyday life too if you wish.

These platform boots got 4 stars out of 5 from Amazon reviewers. They say that they are very comfortable and look great. Just be careful if you are not accostumed to wearing so high boots. It's best too wear them for few hours few days before the party to get the right feel, especially if you intend to drink and dance. As each pair of shoes they should be broken a bit anyways.

Below you can watch not one, but four turials in one single video. If you want to look like a member of Kiss band, you'll definiteley want to use the tips from the video. Enjoy the party!
"The makeup is simply an extension of the personality and colors, clothing, makeup all express something."

Gene Simmons, Kiss


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