Countdown to Halloween already started and here is the chance to pick the best Halloween advent calendar for kids and their parents. If you want to add a bit to the anticipation and excitement connected to this popular holiday, you can start at October the first or create your very own countdown – all with the use of these original calendars.

Yes, they are all available on-line, from the comfort of your armchair and each one of the presented ones can make a thoughtful gift to your dear ones. Shall we see what's on the market? Let's enter into the world of witches and goblins, where magic rules are still applicable, with our carefully curated selection of the most popular advent calendars for Halloween:


Countdown to Halloween Calendar has 31 Days!

Yes, you got it right, instead of 24 windows, like at classic Christmas Advent Calendar, we have seven windows more – seven more opportunities to cheer the day with a joke or a picture or another treat for your kid. Or yourself …



This super cute calendar can give your little one a bit of the Halloween each day of the October. Do you know the feeling when kids want everything (gifts, candy, decoration) at once just to want new and more things the next day? Well, here is your chance to spread the Halloween spirit through the whole month with short and fun themed poem.

This advent calendar is clearly aiming to the little kids and according to the reviewers, the most satisfied buyers are their granddads and grandmoms. It seems they managed to share the joy and playfulness with their grandsons and granddaughters by the way. Aren't the holiday just about that? To share and enjoy?



Alle the best Halloween Advent calendars have something in common – 31 windows with something behind each window. The one about is focused on themed jokes with accompanying illustrations. Lovely pictures are sometimes accented with some glitter, what makes them even more attractive for children's eyes.

If you are in the mood for some (politically correct) jokes about ghosts, skeletons, and witches, this is the right choice. If you are not, it will help you to get in the mood! The quality of paper and print is high, especially considering the relatively low price, so it's possible to use it for few years if the kids are young enough to forget the calendar after a few months, or if you have a chance to show it to different kids.





We are already familiar with the format now. Each day of October has its own window. There you'll find a cute joke, appropriate for kids of a wide range (let's say from four to ten years old), but that's just a beginning. According to numerous reviews, whole families are having fun for a full month counting down and telling jokes or answering riddles.

It looks Halloween countdown calendars are becoming new family tradition very fast. A large number of them are used for gifts. To be honest, grown ups are having just as much fun as their little ones. Who, anyway, doesn't like a holiday, which is all about partying and candies and who doesn't enjoy in anticipation of the grand finale on October 31st?




The Night Before Halloween (in many places called Devil's Night) is, of course, an allusion to the Clement Clarke Moore's poem 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. It's not surprising to find out it's a parody. With the right angle, it also makes a perfect Halloween gift for kids. At least half of fun at every celebration lies in expectation and anticipation. With this countdown calendar for Halloween, the pleasure in the holiday will be at least doubled.

If you are more into witches, you might prefer taking a look at next Halloween party countdown calendar:


advent calendar for halloween


With all these fun advent calendars for Halloween we can definitely find a few common points for all items, presented on this page:

  • They are really inexpensive. None of them costs more than six dollars.
  • These calendars are made of quality paper and have great colors, just what children need.
  • Kids love them. Calendars are made for children between five and ten, maybe twelve years, and they obviously do the job for them.
  • They don't contain chocolate! Yes, this is important information. Candy could be expected for two reasons: Halloween is known for the sweet tooth and we are already accustomed to sweets in Christmas advent cals. Almost all unfavorable reviews came from buyers who were not paying attention and bought calendars assuming they contain candy.

So - be careful before ordering. You undoubtedly want to know what you are buying and you can, by the way, find one or more interesting items for Halloween or one of similar occasion too. Our lives can always use some additional fun, don't they?




Have the best Halloween party ever!



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