What have Kim Kardashian and Wonder Woman in common? They apparently both have super powers and with appropriate costume you can have them too, at least for a Halloween or similar customized party.

Here you can find best costumes inspired by Kim Kardashian in a role of Wonder Woman, together with few accessories, accompanied with short summary of reviews. For a good measure we added few interesting and fun facts about both ladies, who became important role models to so many girls and women all over the world.


wonder woman costume

Wonder Woman Costume, Photo by 1derwoman, Flickr, CC BY 2.0


Fun Facts About Wonder Woman

  • She is the oldest female superhero with uninterrupted drawing. Wonder Woman made first appearance in 1941 and was essentially inspired as a fighter against Nazism and for equal rights for both genders.
  • Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston, one of first feminists, who said she resembles the qualities of women who should rule the world. He wrote comics under pen name Charles Moulton (see his real middle name).
  • Marston is also known as one of the fathers of lie detector, a machine based on measuring changes in blood pressure in dependence of changes of mood. Wonder Woman's super weapon The Lasso of Truth is an echo of his (unsuccessful) project.


Where To Get Kim Kardashian As A Wonder Woman Costume?

wonder woman costume like kim kardashian

Buy at Amazon: Kim Kardashian Wonder Woman Halloween Costume


As you may already know polyester and spandex make the best costumes for super heroes and this product is a living proof. With signature red metallic bodysuit, star spangled shorts, and golden headband you'll look seductively dangerous in no time. Are you ready to be in the spotlight for the whole Halloween party?

You can also order matching arm cuffs, net stockings and a matching bodysuit to make a perfect appearance. Maybe you can add a Wonder woman logo on the torso too? While all materials are of very high quality, light, stretchy and perfect for curvy bodies, this costume still needs proper maintenance - dry cleaning only. Can you handle the challenge? Can you become a Wonder Woman, just like Kim Kardashian?


kim kardashian make up 

Amusing Facts About Kim Kardashian

  • She is the the second of four children in a family with Armenian, Dutch, English, Irish and Scottish origin. Being surrounded by celebrities from her birth (her godfather is Sugar Ray Leonard, she attended pre-school with Paris Hilton, dated one of Michael Jackson's nephews and at early age became a stylist for Brandy and Lindsay Lohan) she was predestined to become one.
  • Just to be sure to become famous, she used to inform the media always when she started to date a new guy. She even taped home movies which 'leaked' out to become available to widest audience on the world: the internet. Her name was the most searched of all celebrities in year 2008 when she dethroned the four times in a row winner Britney Spears.
  • The biggest super power of Kim Kardashian is probably ability to change into gold almost everything she touches. She earns money with books, TV shows, games, apparel, fragrances, cosmetics and essentially just being where anything interesting is going on. Companies payed her ten thousand dollars for tweeting a single promotional message on her Tweeter account. And yes, she married rich too. Kanye West earns even more money than she does.

picture of kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian, by Eva Rinaldi, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Are You Ready To Order Your Wonder Woman Costume?

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You Can Buy Kim Kardashian Wonder Woman Costume Online at Amazon.com


If you want to look steamy hot on this Halloween, an officially licensed DC Costume by Rubie's Secret Wishes can make your wish come true. It consists of corset, skirt, gauntlets, cape, belt and a headpiece (which is not so sharp as in comics, where it has ability to cut Superman!). It got hundreds of positive reviews, but you should be aware of some imperfections as well.

First of all - size does matter. The main problem are dimensions of the corset, where some buyers managed to spot the right size and others didn't. Obvious solution is to measure oneself carefully and order soon enough to have time for replace with different size it if necessary. Less common, yet pretty effective ideas included double side tape, push up bras and help of a skilled seamstress. The other size related problem is the length of the skirt, which obviously depends of the ordered size (it runs from S to XL) and dimensions of the wearer. If it runs too short for you, shorts can be simple and efficient way to solve this.

And by the way - it comes with silver bracers, which are original color (not gold) in comics. About durability of the costume there are mixed opinions. Few ladies reported it had worn out in less than one night, other find out it can last for several parties without visible damage. On the other hand especially girls with curves earned unbelievable amount of compliments, so they definitely enjoyed partying in this dress, being a Halloween or not. Don't forget, you can replace some items from the package with your own or up-size it with additional wardrobe, faithfull to the character (few ideas below).

We are a bit on the fence about this costume, because according to available data, it's probably the best for the money, but it's up to you to decide. Dressing as Kim Kardashian in the role of a Wonder Woman is not an easy job, but someone has to do it. Right?

Wonder Woman Needs Boots Too!

best wonder woman boots

Buy at Amazon: Best Wonder Woman Boots


They don't say shoes can make or break an outfit for nothing. If you decided to become a Wonder Woman for Halloween or cosplay party, you can't appear in flip flops. Having an invisible plane or ability to fly won't be enough either. Without regular footwear villains won't take your super powers seriously.

And if you have Kim Kardashian for a role model, you already know you need to invest a bit in your image to achieve the highest goals. Well, we have a good news! This boots are so good they can be worn as part of Wonder Woman OR Super Woman costume AND they are affordable as well. Dozens of reviewers reported about very positive experience with them, if we summarize, they are super attention grabber and easy to dance in them at the same time. One even used them as wedding shoes!

To be honest we have to warn you about dimensions. Wonder Woman's boots are made to fit, so they can be too narrow for some calves and they are relatively pointy at the fingers. Both problems can be solved by ordering right size (think about half or even full size up) and breaking them with wearing them for some time before you actually need them. Initially they are not stretchable, but being made of synthetic material, they can be stretched with some paper towels filled in for some time in the right places. According to all the received positive feedback, definitely worth trying.

What About A Wig?

wonder woman black wig

Buy at Amazon: Wonder Woman Black Wig

For complete overall heat to toe experience of Kim Kardashian Wonder Woman costume experience you definitely need a wig. Wit this quality durable product with ability to being washed with a (dedicated) shampoo, you'll achieve so convincing look, people will actually believe you have real hair. It has a good price too.

If you order right size (it is adjustable, but not small enough for kids, for instance), there are apparently only two possible issues. Some buyers experienced itching. It looks this is not the case with many, but more with people who have very sensitive skin. If you had a chance to try similar products before, you probably already know if you belong to this group and if you do, it's probably best to skip a wig.

The other possible problem is maintenance of the wig. It is made very well, but after a wild party, you'll need to wash it in cold water if you want to reuse and look great again. You'll need to brush it (gently) with proper brush too. It's a fairly easy task. And that's about that.

You'll be amazed by transformation effect of the Wonder Woman costume in Kim Kardashian way. Hey, several of reviewers used these very same products for running a marathon and reported how great they felt afterwards!



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