Christmas is a family holiday and dogs are definitely considered as family members. Why not include them in celebration in form of personalized Christmas tree ornaments? Now you can choose from huge selection of ornaments in different shapes and sizes, where you can use existing photos or pictures of your own doggie!


Custom Christmas Ornaments With Dog Photos

Yes, you got it right - you only need one good photo of your hairy friend and a very special ornament, which can be also used as a gift, will be created.


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gold plated christmas dog ornament













Let's meet Duke and Buddy, models for first two personalized dog ornaments for Christmas tree! They are both super cute, but not nearly as cute as your own dog, so we'll focus on the ornaments instead. The left one is made of quality metal and has a square design with a bit less than three by three inches of surface. There are three customizable sides: front, back and side, where you can display photos of your doggie and write a personal note like name or inscription or date or... You got the picture, right?

This is not all - if a square looks too ordinary for you, you can choose from six different styles, including a star and a heart plus two additional premium options with classy little frame. The ornament comes with a gold colored ribbon (or red at premium variation) and there is also a lovely gift pouch made of adorable red velvet available, if you are thinking to give it as a present.

The other design is a bit different, also made of metal, with more rectangular dimensions, also with three sides to customize, a ribbon in the color of metal and two colors of the ornament to choose from: gold and silver, depending on the style of the Christmas tree you are intending to use it on. Or you can can order both, just because they look so great!


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Did you know the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree dates at least fifteen hundred years back in history? The triangular shape of the tree is associated with Holy Trinity and the lights on the tree with Holy Spirit. The celebration of Christ's birth is related with old pagan celebration of rebirth of the Sun. Dominant red color can be explained as a representation of Christ's blood or Sun light.

The tradition went through many changes, but shiny decoration is still on the top of popularity list. Even personalization of ornaments can be traced to traditional hand made decor, by which Germany was especially known for in 19th century. The tradition of giving presents on Christmas is also developed from decoration - among first ornaments were nuts and dried fruits and later other small items, hanged on the tree followed. With time presents became too heavy and people started putting them under the Christmas tree.


More Custom Dog Christmas Ornaments



personalized dog christmas ornaments

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Custom dog ornaments for your Christmas tree are ready for your photos. You can replace existing one with yours with just few mouse clicks, just make sure it's of good quality (ones made with phones usually don't look good) and you are good to go. Ornaments above are made of different materials.

First is acrylic and is available in five different shapes. Both sides of the ornament are customizable. A classy ribbon is included. The second is made of pewter, one of the most traditional materials for Christmas ornaments. The personalized surface is round, but the decoration is made in shape of snowflake. Both sides can be personalized in this case too. Don't forget you can play with the background color as well.


puppy christmas ornament

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Christmas ornaments carry a lot of symbolism. Red and green colors play their part just like many popular motifs, from snowflakes and snowmen to reindeers and, why not, dog bones. Yes, tradition should never be seen as unchangeable and you can always add something personal to your own celebration. Inclusion of photography of your four legged friend is definitely an option!

The snowflake design on pewter (right) have been already seen above, but the ceramic on the right is new on this page. Like you probably expected, it's available in different shapes, comes with a handy thread and is just waiting for your final touch to be transformed into great gift or family keepsake. There is no minimum order and if you decide to order more than two pieces a quantity discount will be automatically included.


Most Popular Dog Christmas Ornaments


If you don't need full personalization of Christmas ornaments, yet still want to add a quality piece in dog theme, we selected few of the most highly praised dog ornaments on Amazon, the largest and most respectful on-line seller in the world. They got lots of positive reviews and still carry certain level of customization, what guarantees durability and uniqueness.


german shepherd ornament

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Here we have two different designs, one where you can add the name of your dog (in presented case German shepherd, but the same seller offers many other breeds as well) and the other, wher you use an ornament as a picture frame, so you need your own photo in appropriate format to insert in.

Ornament with German shepherd is lively and playful, hand painted, with high attention to details (just look at these cute legs), what makes it a lovely gift for a friend who happens to owns the breed you selected. The frame ornament, on the other side, vibrates in more serious tones and many owners use it as a memorial Christmas ornament. What a lovely idea to pay homage to a dog, who is not among us anymore and keep him alive with loving memories!


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If you enjoy photo ornaments, Hallmark offers great ones where every costumer, except one, left positive review. It seems the absence of the date, which is easily added at personalization, bothered one of the buyers, but few others wanted exactly that - absence of the date, what gives you more freedom at customization.

Next ornament is pretty original. It is actually do-it-yourself Christmas ornament kit, where your pet  contributes with a paw print. After that you add the name and everything else before putting the clay into the oven. Only 30 minutes after you have a unique keepsake which will be a hit at virtually every dog owner. One of reviewers added a hint - don't bother with carving a name, it looks better if it's added later with a sharpie.

We hope you like this list of personalized dog Christmas ornaments and found something useful for you. Feel free to share this curated selection with your friends and have a Merry Christmas!



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