Are you looking for a free printable advent calendar? We got it! We actually have a whole range of advent calendars with different themes, all ready to print, completely free for personal use, and ready for your enjoyment.

This page will be growing in the next months, so make sure to bookmark it and come back from time to time, because there will be more advent calendars to print. Way more!


Classic Advent Printables


While Advent time can last from the first Advent Sunday, which may fall from November 27 to December 3 to December 24, most printable (and other) calendars simply start on the 1st of December and end on Christmas Eve (24 Days) or in fewer cases on Christmas (25 Days).

So let us start with 24 days too:

advent calendar printable

free printable advent calendar

As you can see, we prepared two variations of Advent calendars with typical Advent/Christmas themes, one in a landscape, and the other in portrait format, both cute and ready to entertain your kids with a wonderful gift of anticipation.

coloring advent calendar


free advent calendar to print and color

The Advent calendars above are black and white which is suitable for more DIY-oriented kids, who love to color. They may color one day at a time, gradually approaching the big day, or color all of them at once. Hey, they may even color several calendars, in vertical and horizontal positions, and give them to their friends and relatives to spread some Christmas magic around!


Most Popular Advent Calendars to Print


The next set of calendars for the countdown to Christmas is simple and cute - with a sleepy bear and a Christmas tree, or with snowmen, all with numbers, where kids can check on the number per day as Christmas Day is coming closer and closer and learn some basic math on the way as well:

printable advent calendar


If you have a printer able to print these calendars on the thicker paper, these calendars can be used as small, yet thoughtful gifts for your kids' kindergarten buddies.

printable advent calendar free


As you noticed, the last Advent calendar (the one with 24 snowmen in different positions) comes with a nice black and white frame, which is lovely as it is. Still, it may be also colored, if your kid (or anybody else, creativity is not just for kids, of course) wants to add a personal touch.

For this reason, we added a few black and white Advent Calendars with numbers in silhouettes, with plenty of creative possibilities.

Black and White Advent Calendars

Angel is a classic character in times of Advent, so we prepared an original calendar with silhouettes of angels with a vintage background as a challenge to creative persons who wants to add some additional drawings and colors, but you may use it as it already is.

printable advent calendar with angels

free advent calendar to print and color

The second calendar is a bit more modern, with silhouettes of Christmas ornaments of different shapes, ready to be colored with your favorite Christmas colors to shine in new life!

santa beard advent calendar printable

Santa beard advent calendar in printable version is a Christmas classic. Who could resist to color the numbers inside Santa's beard? So we made a printable Santa beard calendar with a lot of possibilities to personalize it to your (or your kids') taste. It's also a chance to learn the numbers or even try at some basic math skills.

printable santa advent calendar

This printable Santa Advent calendar is a bit naughty. Santa is obviously not in best condition. Is he tired of non-stop delivering the gifts? Did he made a miste in address or maybe forgot what day it is? It would be pretty weird if he forgot to bring the presents on the right day to the right addresee. Did you notice? Even the stars are not in best shape ...

christmas advent calendar printable

Speaking of presents, we also made a printable Christmas Advent calendar with 24 colorful gifts. They really look nice, arent they? Each day of Advent time is an opportunity to gift somebody, not necessarily always the same person and definitely not necessarily with something material. We can tell an amusing story, perform a good deed, or whatever out imagination offers. There's also a lovely chance to learn something new about numbers or colors.

Advent Calendar Template

Sometimes it's best to do things by oneself. An Advent calendar may fall in this category, too. So here are just four simple templates in six times four and four times six formats, which you may print as they are and fill with drawings, stickers or whatever you might find interesting for your project.

advent calendar template color vertical

advent calendar template color horizontalBoth formats (landscape and portrait) are available in black and white and color versions, just to give you a pinch of the initial inspiration.

advent calendar template black white vertical

advent calendar template black white horizontal

DIY Advent Calendars

One of the main points of Advent time is ability to create something together with your family. Here is a lovely vintage project for you. Josef Wenig, Czech artist who died in 1939. One of his numerous projects was an advent calendar with nativity scene. Below you'll find four color sheets which can be printed on preferably a bit thicker paper. The elements in pages should be cut out (see the folding lines at the bottom of each element) and used to compose a well-known scene of Jesus' birth.

 diy nativity advent calendar josef wenig 1 of 4

 diy nativity advent calendar josef wenig 2 of 4

diy nativity advent calendar josef wenig 3 of 4

diy nativity advent calendar josef wenig 4 of 4

Cute, right? Hours of fun guaranteed!

Not the best with the scissors? Do you prefer storytelling?

Here is a very special advent calendar consisting of 24 classic stories, mostly fairy tales with a pinch of legends and fables. Each story is obviously reserved for one evening of Advent time. To make the pictures clearer we decided to offer this printable activity advent calendar in two parts - one for each sheet of paper.

activity advent calendar 1of2



activity advent calendar 2of2


You can, of course, also visit our page, dedicated to free monthly blank calendars.

That's all for now, but expect more in the foreseeable future. Tell your friends about this page, and have a Merry Christmas!

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