Wearing a themed shirt for Thanksgiving is just one piece in the mosaic of a successful celebration. We selected a few of the finest plus size tees for women and presented them together with some interesting facts about this probably the most food eating related holiday.

The First Thanksgiving Womens Sweatshirt Plus Size

Adults Wear T-Shirts on Thanksgiving Too!

If you think about t-shirts as a stuff for kids, you can’t be more wrong. Tees with a message, personalization or dedication, maybe a witty quote or a funny picture, are definitely a new trend which is going to stay. Whole shirt business adapted to a growing demand and dozens of new niches were created month after month.

If we separated t-shirts by size, gender and cut only a decade or so ago, today it’s virtually impossible to count all possibilities on the market we can choose from. Not only each holiday has its own niche,  there are sub-niches, mini-niches, and microniches as well. Thanksgiving shirts, for instance, can be divided into the ones with pictures of pilgrims, turkeys, turkeys dressed as pilgrims, pumpkin pies, turkeys, jumping out of pumpkin pies, ...


Thanksgiving Shirts For Women Plus Size Thankful


Being a holiday, where everything revolves around the dinner, there are also numerous jokes related to eating, eating and - yes - more eating. If none of this makes your heart go beep, a simple Thanks will go a long way. Did you know, an average of 3,000 calories per person is consumed at Thanksgiving with pecan pie being the most energy-rich food?

Or did you know pecan trees are native to North America with Albany, Georgia being the official pecan capital of the world and they produce nuts only every second year? Apart from being used in pies on Thanksgiving, this delicious and healthy nut has its own national day (April 14) and so is true for the pecan pie (July 12th).

So if you intend to spoil yourself a bit with good food in good company, don’t hesitate by getting a nice Thanksgiving themed shirt for this occasion and don’t forget you can get it in plus size just to have an extra space for the piece of pecan pie ...


Thanksgiving Shirts For Women Plus Size Eat Pizza


T-shirts are not necessary short-sleeved only, as the name suggests. They can be three-quarters long, long, or without sleeves (sometimes called muscle shirts). All these options give you plenty of choices not only to express your feelings (or attitude) with the picture on the front of the tee but to find the most comfortable cut for yourself.

An important part of the plus size is definitely comfort, especially for women with all the unique curves, a standard confection dress, like a blouse, simply can’t predict for all the population. speaking of the population - there are more than one hundred pieces of clothes in an average wardrobe of an American lady. A significant part of them is casual and thanks to their comfort and universal appeal T-shirts should be among the most well-represented pieces.

And yes, you can wear them under other clothes, if you like, to show them only to the closest people in your life. So if you are a woman on the fence about buying a Thanksgiving T-shirt in plus size, you’d rather think about getting at least a couple of them - because Thanksgiving doesn’t last only a couple of hours and you’ll probably have several opportunities to show your personal taste in different settings.

Funny Thanksgiving T-Shirts for Plus Size Women

It’s a common stereotype to relate girls and women in pretty tees only, but they can also bring some healthy humor on the table as well. If one wears a plus size already, an ironic pun or a witty comment related to the quantity of eating which requires proper training or an enormous amount of preparation can serve as a lovely ice breaker in the right company.

While Thanksgiving is all about the family, we should never forget it’s also about sharing, so this is the right time to share some of your finest thoughts with people who gathered at the dinner or party or whatever occasion you’ll be wearing a fun Thanksgiving shirt.


White Happy Thanksgiving Shirts Plus Size Turkey


While each and every year produces new clever ideas, Thanksgiving and plus size included, some concepts have universal appeal, they’ll survive for years. Turkeys in different funny positions are obviously a classic and so it’s the chance of letting the rest of the family about the new family member who is going to join them before the next Thanksgiving with »There’s a Turkey in This Owen« sign.

All kinds of wordplays about stuffing, gravy or pumpkins are used for women’s shirts for Thanksgiving, but there is also another aspect of wearing a themed tee. It’s a fashion statement too! Classic white shirts are still in the top demand with blacks being their closest contesters. Appart from the tradition of wearing those colors, an important reason for the popularity of both colors is the contrast achieved with a message, being a text or graphics, on the chosen background.


Chihuahua Thankful Plus Size Pink And Grey Raglan T Shirt


But things are changing in this area too. Pink and gray are rising in popularity and, as you can check at each of the presented T-shirts, the color is only one of elements you can personalize before you order a perfect Thanksgiving shirt for yourself. Some of them even offer a combination of two colors on the same shirt, what instantly makes your appearance a bit showier.

To summarize - if you are on the market for a plus size T-shirt for Thanksgiving, just check one of the tees on this page and explore the possibilities available by customization, available with just a few simple clicks. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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