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Welcome to our selection of free monthly calendars for January 2023!

Did you know January is named after god Janus (meaning 'doors')  symbolically connecting the past and the future? It is of course very appropriate name for the first month in the year, but January was included (together with February) in Roman calendar only about three thousand years ago. Before that a year had only ten months (this is why December is called after number 10 - dieci) and it started with the first of March.

It is typically the coldest month in northern hemisphere, so you can expect snow, cold winds and shortest periods of sun in the calendar year. It can still offer exceptionally beautiful scenery what can be seen in the next series of calendars for January 2023. All are printable and free for personal use.

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Use The Power Of Blank Calendar 2023

Blank Calendar

Simple and effective - this is the shortest explanation of blank calendars. It is hard to imagine more useful tool for planning and organizing than a simple wall calendar with huge empty areas where you can keep the track of all your tasks and activities.


Actually, not necessarly only yours, but other family members too, although, if you are looking at that area of planning, don't forget checking our section with family calendar planners as well.


This blank calendar is customizable, you can enhance its usability or add toattractiveness with your own photos and text.


Fancy some attractive pictures from nature or cute images of your family? Need an inspirational quote to stay motivated? You can have it all!



Free printable monthly calendar January 2023


One of the oldest superstitions related with New Year is a visit of first person on this day. This person should have some coal (to keep house warm), greenery (for health), bread (food) and money (wealth) in possession, otherwise the year will not start well.

Our monthly calendars for 2023 for January are not based on superstition, only on amazing photos, but we can still wish you all the good luck in next year!

It really doesn't matter if you start a year with new year's resolution or not, a good monthly calendar can always help you at planning and with a great photo it can also serve as a nice decorative bonus for your wall. Next selection of printable calendars can boost your way in January 2023!



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In many countries January was called wolf month for centuries. The reason was simple. It was so cold and hard to survive, wolves came to villages in search for food. This was horrifying experience for people, but now wolves belong to the group of endangered species.

Although nature can be cruel in winter, it still offers many beautiful scenes as we can see in next series of free printable monthly calendars.

Personalized calendars 2023

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Personalized calendar can be really great start of the year.

You can use the existing template with already included photos and holidays, but you can also add your personal touch with your images and notes to make your calendar as unique as possible.

Don't forget - personalized calendars don't only express your creativity, they make a statement too!






Monthly calendars for kids

Children need planning too and although their sense of time is different than at adults we can organize and execute many fun activities together. We prepared two templates, pink for girls and blue for boys, with cute little decorative pictures of animals in corners.

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Such tool can pan out as surprisingly efficient tool at first steps in the world of literacy. If they have fun and are properly motivated, kids can learn reading and writing in almost no time!

We are not finished yet. You can cheer your kid with these January 2023 calendars with bigger pictures too. It's up to you if you prefer huggable plush bear of doggie or maybe a company of little rascals from 3. a, all of them are free for personal use and ready to print.

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Kids love animals, so we prepared two cute printable january 2023 calendars with photos of puppies and kittens. There is also a lovely calendar with a Janury themed coloring page.

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Golden Retriever Calendar 2023

golden retriever calendar

Golden retriever themed calendars are among most popular gifts for dog lovers. Owners of so called goldies are of course on the top of the list, but we have to admit, these cute hairy creatures instantly captivate attention of all pet owners and are warmly welcomed at people who otherwise don't really care about pets.


This customizable calendar is a premium gift, made of high quality paper, printed with state of the art technology and available in many sizes and formats. Its main characteristic is definitely ability to upload and print your own photos of golden retrievers (or any other image), which can be further personalized with personal message to happy reciever. Don't hesitate to check huge selection of custom and popular calendars with golden retrievers for 2023!


Printable blank calendars

Our free blank calendars are simple, transparent and effective what is probably the main reason of their popularity. You can choose among four basic templates - with holidays or without holidays, in landscape and portrait formats.

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free printable blank calendar january c

blank calendar january 2023 printable cjanuary 2023 calendar blank c

Calendars with special days and holidays

In this section you'll find several calendars with holidays nad events from different areas of human interest. There are specific American holidays, some serious with historical background, some commercial, invented to help economy to expand. Many of such celebrations and observances are precious from educational point of view and frankly, how could we skip National Spaghetti Day or Cuddle Up Day? Another calendar is aimed at international holidays with days important to UNESCO, WHO, and other, more or less official institutions.

There are also calendars with important religious dates, some for Catholics, some for other religions. We can learn from these a lot about our culture and history a swell. And don't forget to chect the astro calendar with all major phases of the Sun, the Moon, and all important planets' phases.

january calendar american days holidays castro calendar for january c 

If you want a january calendar with American holidays, you'll find one above - on the left. Its right neighbor is astro calendar for january 2023.

Below is a calendar with national days and holidays, some more and some less serous, but all very inspiring, offering good starting points for numerous interesting discussions. On the right it's a religious calendar for january 2023, with the most important holidays for major world religions.


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Chinese calendar for January presents the warnings accoring to feng shui. This ancient Chinese practice teaches us that some days are better for some things to do and other for other stuff. Everything is connected through directions in space and Chinese horoscope. There's also a monthly calendar (January 2023) with international days, holidays and observations.

chinese calendar january 2023 cinternational days calendar with holidays SUNDAY 31 c



Next pair of calendars presents a detailed list of Catholic holidays with saints for every day in Janaury and an interesting list of pagan holidays. Can you find some common points in both?

january 2023 calendar with catholic saints c
pagan calendar for january 2023 c 

We can't do without a special printable January calendar with Canadian holidays (left) or a monthly calendar with Hebrew holidays (right). You'll notice Jewish calendar counts dates pretty much differently than most of us are used to.

 january 2023 calendar with canadian holidays cjewish calendar january c


Would you prefer them in colors? Why not in pink? These are still blank, with a lot of space to write down important tasks and organize your days in January 2023, but with pink borders to add some life on your wall. And a nice little flower, just because:)

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National Holidays in January:

- New Year's Day is celebrated on January 1st and Martin Luther King Day on January 16th in USA,
- New Year's Day is celebrated on January 1st in Canada and United Kingdom,
- New Year's Day is celebrated on January 1st and Australia Day on January 26th in Australia.


January is:
- International Quality of Life Month
- Celebration of Life Month
- Get Organized Month
- Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month
- Oatmeal Month.


Funny Observances and Holidays in January2023:
- 1st - Global Family Day
- 2nd - National Science Fiction Day
- 4th - World Braille Day
- 8th - Bubble Bath Day
- 11th - Cigarettes Are Hazardous To Your Health Day
- 14th - Dress Up Your Pet Day
- 16th - Appreciate A Dragon Day
- 17th - Kid Inventors' Day
- 20th - Penguin Awareness Day
- 21st - National Hugging Day
- 24th - National Peanut Butter Day
- 29th - National Puzzle Day
- 31th - Inspire Your Heart with Art Day.


Celebrity Birthdays in January:
- 1st - Sarah Wayne Callies
- 2nd - Kate Bosworth
- 3rd - J.R.R. Tolkien
- 4th - Louis Braille
- 5th - Bradley Cooper
- 6th - Rowan Atkinson
- 7th - Blue Ivy Carter
- 8th - Elvis Presley
- 9th - Kate Middleton
- 10th - Rod Stewart
- 11th - Cody Simpson
- 12th - Zayn Malik
- 13th - Orlando Bloom
- 14th - Dove Cameron
- 15th - Martin Luther King Jr.
- 16th - Kate Moss
- 17th - Betty White
- 18th - Cary Grant
- 19th - Dolly Parton
- 20th - Gary Barlow
- 21st - Jeremy Shada
- 22nd - Diane Lane
- 23rd - Mariska Hargitay
- 24th - Neil Diamond
- 25th - Alicia Keys
- 26th - Ellen Degeneres
- 27th - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
- 28th - Calum Worthy
- 29th - Oprah Winfrey
- 30th - Phil Collins
- 31th - Justin Timberlake.

 If January is not enough, we also prepared numerous different free yearly printable calendars for 2023. Happy New Year!



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