Are you looking for some free printable calendars for July 2024 with beautiful pictures? Congratulations, you found them! July is the warmest month in Northern hemisphere and also the month of vacations. Even if you will not go on holidays, you can certainly enjoy in some cute photos.


Independence Day


American Independence Day is a celebration of the day when American colonies declared sovereignty and independence of Great Britain. It was actually written on July 2nd (by Thomas Jefferson), but it took two additional days before everybody agreed on the final wording. There are more important dates - an official signing was on August 2nd and first Independence Day was celebrated on July 8th (before signing!).

The original flag of United States was made of 13 stripes (like today) and 13 stars, both in honor in original 13 colonies. The stars were positioned in a circle to show equality of all states in the union. The first celebration of Independence Day was held in White House only in 1801. The oldest celebration without a break, taking place every 4th of July is a traditional parade in Bristol in Rhode Island being held since 1786. 4th of July became an official holiday only in 1870.

Today huge parades, gatherings with barbeques and impressive fireworks are typical festivities of the 4th of July. Special 4th of July themed T-shirts are part of the celebration and we prepared a lovely selection of them, available by clicking on the picture of the Independence Day tee above.

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July 2024 Calendar - Summer

When somebody mentions July, vacations are first thought for the most of us. Enjoying under the palm tree on the beautiful sand beach with a gentle breeze of cool air... Sounds slighty stereotypical, but it's still on the top of the list - at least for few days. 

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What can be more romantic than beautiful sunset on the beach? Photos, used on these monthly calendars for July 2024 are already breathtaking. Just imagine experiencing the real thing!


July 2024 Calendar With Flowers And Nature Themes

Summer time is full of life and colorful flowers are just about everywhere. Water lily (aso called lotus) is one of the most popular flowers in the world with many strong symbolic meanings. No wonder they are so often used in poetry. Maybe you'll use one of our July calendars for inspiration to write your very own poem?

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There is a known saying "can't see the wood for the trees" which warns us not to pay too much attention to the details if we want to see the big picture. Well, sometimes we can find the whole universe of beauty in tiny details. Talking about nature, on holidays or not, don't forget spend at least some days in July exploring the environment. Take a hike, climb a hill, fight a windmill - it is time of joy!


Printable Calendar For Kids

A teddy bear is still one of the most popular toys in the world. Just look at them - aren't they adorable? Cute calendars for kids with teddy bears are made in different colours with really simple goal: to decorate walls of children's bedrooms, provide some place for necessary notes (hopefully a lot of interesting visits and parties) and of course to bring some smiles on cute little faces.

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July 2024 Calendar Printable

For busy people who need a lot of space for their plannings we made different blank calendars for July 2024. Do you want it in landscape or portrait format? We got both!

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Pink Calendar in July 2024

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Did you know July was for many centuries the fifth month in the year, but later with addition of two months before March it became seventh? It also had only 30 days. It was Julius Cesar who added one more day and this is part of the reason why Roman senate changed he name of the month to July! (His successor Augustus was a bit jealous and wanted a month named after him too, but this is another story...)


So what will it be? A romantic beach or peaceful mountains? Active time with lots of mingling or creativity among lovely flowers?  Did you know water lilly is a flower of the month July?


We prepared many free calendars in different formats for different occasions, landscape and portrait, totally blank or with some holidays already marked. It is up to you. Grab what suits you best and seize the day with our July calendars, just don't forget to have fun!


National Holidays in July:

- Independence Day is celebrated on July 4th in USA,
- Canada Day is celebrated on July 1st in Canada.

July is:
- National Blueberries Month
- National Ice Cream Month
- National Recreation & Parks Month
- Mango and Melon Month.


Funny Observances and Holidays in July 2024:
- 1st - U.S. Postage Stamp Day
- 3th - Stay Out Of The Sun Day
- 5th - Bikini Day
- 7th - Tell The Truth Day
- 10th - Piña Colada Day
- 13th - National French Fries Day
- 20th - National Lollipop Day
- 23rd - Gorgeous Grandma Day
- 24th - Tell An Old Joke Day
- 28th - National Milk Chocolate Day
- 30th - Paperback Book Day


Celebrity Birthdays in July:
- 1st - Princess Diana
- 2nd - Lindsay Logan
- 3rd - Tom Cruise
- 4th - Mike The Situation Sorrentino
- 5th - Edie Falco
- 6th - Sylvester Stallone
- 7th - Ringo Starr
- 8th - Jaden Smith
- 9th - Tom Hanks
- 10th - Sofia Vergara
- 11th - Giorgio Armani
- 12th - Bill Cosby
- 13th - Harrison Ford
- 14th - Gerald R. Ford
- 15th - Brian Austin Green
- 16th - Phoebe Cates
- 17th - David Hasselhoff
- 18th - Nelson Mandela
- 19th - Brian May
- 20th - Gisele Bundchen
- 21st - Robin Williams
- 22nd - Selena Gomez
- 23rd - Woody Harrelson
- 24th - Jennifer Lopez
- 25th - Matt Leblanc
- 26th - Sandra Bullock
- 27th - Alex Rodriguez
- 28th - Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
- 29th - Josh Radnor
- 30th - Arnold Schwarzenegger
- 31th - J.K. Rowling





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