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Here you can choose from different motifs which may help you organize your precious time and decorate a wall as well. We didn't forget to make a selection of blank calendars for the most busy users, who want to plan their time to the last possible detail and there are also many cute calendars and templates for children.

Check these printable April calendars 2021!

The origin of name April is unclear. Some believe it comes from the Old Roman word aprire, meaning opening and being related to opening of the plants. It is a month when everything is growing and bursting after all. On the other hand we should not forget April is spring month only on Northern hemisphere. On South it is actually similar to our October. Another theory about the name origin relates it April to Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and beauty. There is probably at least some truth in that explanation too.


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Printable monthly calendar April 2021

Every month we find numerous opportunities to celebrate and April is no exception. April Fool's on 1st is known all over the world, less known is Cuckoo Day, April 14th, mostly celebrated in different parts of England. They even organize Cuckoo Fairs to welcome the singing of first cuckoos in the year.

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There is an interesting superstition related to cuckoos: when you hear it for the first time in a given year, turn all your money in your pockets, spit and don't look down. If you are standing on soft grounds, this will bring you luck, if you are on hard ground, this is bad for you. And if your pockets are empty it's not a good sign either.

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Plush Bunny In Easter Basket


Bunnies are part of Easter tradition and if you are looking for ideas for a perfect present for children, Easter gift basket with cute plush bunny could be the answer.

Basket and the bunny are both soft and great for small kids who want to carry both everywhere, even to the bed.

The slogan of the seller is self-descriptive: the world's most huggable. With more than a century of tradition under their belt they probably know why.













Easter is the most important holiday in Christianity (even bigger than Christmas) It is a day when the resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated and it has clear pagan origins. It is not hard to see how happy were the ancients when Sun, symbolically dead through the winter, finally came back in full power - it was certainly something to celebrate!


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So ... Why eggs on Easter? And why is there an Easter bunny? Eggs and rabbits are both powerful symbols of fertility. Spring is all about fertility, birth, new life. It's the most optimistic time of the year, pagans celebrated it in numerous ways and all world religions connected it with their most important events as well.

Easter Chocolate Bunnies


Kids love small furry and puff animals like chicken and bunnies. This pack with Easter chocolate bunnies and their friends is a sure winner for everybody who pays a visit on Easter.

Foil wrapped chocolate by Lindt proved to be of highest quality and with twenty pieces in the pack we can safely presume nobody will stay empty handed.

Cute package and deliciously sweet taste - who could possibly want more?













With recent commercialization of Easter it became very popular among children who love to participate in different Easter related activities and crafts. Of course these are never limited to children only, they can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Who could resist a chocolate bunny? Don't miss premium wall calendars!


Free printable monthly calendars for kids (April 2021)

These lovely calendars for children have a lot of empty space for planning all the activities which are most numerous in this time of the year. April is warm, but not too hot and we all spend many hours outside. Nature is already widely awake and inviting to get the best of your days. Make the most of them with themed calendars with borders in pink or blue and cute bears or elephants in the corner.

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There are also three different calendar worksheets for kids with bigger pictures. Which one will you choose? A cute puppy or a teddy bear?

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Blank April 2021 calendar - printable

They say proper planning is half of success and with our blank calendars for April 2020 you are already on your way. We made out blank calendars in landscape and portrait formats, with and without holidays and all you have to do is to print them and use as best as you can.


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blank calendar april 2021 c


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 Calendars for April 2021 with special days and holidays

April is, like every month, loaded with special days. holidays, celebrations, ... We prepared astro calendar with the crucial positions of planets (Sun and Moon included) against each other. April is month of Piesces and Aries, when fluidity of water transforms into passionate fire. In the Catholic calendar you'll find almost one hundred saints who's days are commemorated in April. Such calendar is still used in many parts of the world as an inspiration for choosing the names of newborns. Many of the Caholic holidays are celebrated in almost half of the world. The biggest amont them is Easter as the celebration of the rebirth of Jesus Christ, of course.

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We offer Chinese calendar too. In China, calendar is defined after cyles of the Moon, not after the Sun, so even the most important dates, like the start of new year are flexible. Apart the major holidays (Tomb Sweeping aka Quinming in April) we also offer an insight to feng shui beliefes about the well-being of people accordind to cardinal directions. In April West looks as the most positive side of the world. Joy and wealth come from South-West and happiness from North-West. There are generic warnings about the possibilites of evil events and people which can be expected according to the directions and individiuals born in specific signs of chinese horoscope. April by the way, starts as the Xin Mao Month (month of the metal rabbit) but continues as a dragon month from April 4th.


There are also interesting international holidays and observations in next calendar, obviously aiming to wider our horizons of many important dates all over the world with emphasis on world and international awareness of specifis issues. Some of them are serious, some fun and all valuable in their own ways.

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National days are logic continuation of the calendar with international days, this time with celebrations in america only. some of them are celebrated state-wide, other are much more local.


Another interesting calendar in Paggan / Wicca calendar for April 2021 with the most important dates for people who belong to more and more popular pagan / wicca movement.

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pagan calendar april 2021 c


We conclude our list of special calendars with two religious calendars with different celebrations of major religions in the world.

religious days calendar with holidays 2021 april camerican days calendar with holidays 2021 april


And here we go with blank calendars in pink!

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April is:
- National Humor Month
- National Pet Month
- Autism Awareness Month
- Math Awareness Month
- National Garden Month.


Funny Observances and Holidays in April 2021:
- 1st - April Fools
- 2nd - National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
- 3rd - Find A Rainbow Day
- 4th - Vitamin C Day
- 7th - No Housework Day
- 8th - Draw A Bird Day
- 10th - National Sibling Day
- 11th - National Pet Day
- 14th - National Dolphin Day
- 15th - World Art Day
- 16th - Save The Elephant Day
- 16th - National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day
- 22nd - Earth Day
- 23rd - Talk Like Shakespeare Day
- 29th - International Dance Day
- 30th - Bugs Bunny Day.


Celebrity Birthdays in April:
- 1st - Susan Boyle
- 2nd - Hans Christian Andersen
- 3rd - Paris Jackson
- 4th - Robert Downey Jr.
- 5th - Pharrell Williams
- 6th - Paul Rudd
- 7th - Russell Crowe
- 8th - Robin Wright Penn
- 9th - Hugh Hefner
- 10th - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
- 11th - Alessandra Ambrosio
- 12th - Claire Danes
- 13th - Thomas Jefferson
- 14th - Robert Carlyle
- 15th - Emma Watson
- 16th - Charlie Chaplin
- 17th - Victoria Beckham
- 18th - Kourtney Kardashian
- 19th - Maria Sharapova
- 20th - Miranda Kerr
- 21st - Iggy Pop
- 22nd - Jack Nicholson
- 23rd - William Shakespeare
- 24th - Barbra Streisand
- 25th - Al Pacino
- 26th - Channing Tatum
- 27th - Ace Frehley
- 28th - Jessica Alba
- 29th - Jerry Seinfeld
- 30th - Kirsten Dunst.

Printable Calendar Pages

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