On this page you can choose from many free printable calendars for August 2022. Most of them are combined with attractive photos but we also prepared some blank calendars, calendars with special days and holidays and a few completely customizable planners for people who like to have a lot of free space for their plannings.


August 2022 Calendar - Summer

August is a month of sun, warmth and joy. It is time of relaxation, but also harvest when we are already looking forward to next months with new responsibilities and maybe even new beginnings. Fortunately there is no rush - we can still enjoy on the beach or cruise the seas, hopefully in a company of our best friends. Catch the wind in your sails!

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If you are by any chance stranded in your office or have a friend, relative or collegue who must work in August, a personalized mouse pad below may be appropriate gift. The photo will be consolation and inspiration for time when he or she can finally enjoy the vacation.

Swimming with dolphins? Enjoying the mysterious world of the ocean? Or simply enjoying a full glass of refreshing drink? Our printable calendars cover all these possibilities - and we are looking for more attractive photos to add in the future.


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Of course August is still the month of vacations when we have a lot of possibilities to explore new places and meet new people. With proper planning we can squeeze the most from the our free days. Free printable calendars for August 2022 with attractive images can be of big help at organizing and can also inspire us to think beyond the ordinary limits.

The days are slowly becoming shorter in the second half of the summer, though sun still has a lot of power. This makes sunsets even more attractive. Enjoy in long days and don't forget the sun protection!

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August 2022 Calendar With Flowers And Nature Themes

The flowers of August are daffodil, poppy, sunflower and some other joyfully colored flowers which are presented in free printable calendars bellow. Did you know that daffodil (narcissus) symbolize faith and forgiveness? Sounds just right for optimistic month as August certainly is.


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Printable Calendar For Kids

Kids need calenders too. They need to plan their time although their perception of the future is different than the perception of grown-ups. Some children have birthdays in August, some have friends with birthdays and of course there are always important events which can be marked on calendars to get better feel of time. Don't forget, the anticipation can be the half of fun!

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 As you can see, there are blank calendars with some cute details and a lot of space, available in pink, blue and other vibrant colors, in landscape and in portrait format, all free for your personal use, ready to print and just waiting for you to choose yoz favorite. Or favorites?

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 If you prefer bigger pictures and need less space for your notes, you can prit one of next children themed calendars for August below.

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August 2022 Calendar Printable

Most people expect an attractive photo to compliment a calendar but blank calendars are among our most popular and most downloaded free printable calendars.

We made them in different formats, landscape and portrait, with or without decorative borders, with a touch of pink, purple or blue color and there are also calendars with Canadian holidays already marked in. There are no huge holidays for USA in August, sorry... But this doesn't mean there are no special days and occasions calling for celebration!

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 Next two calendars present national and American days and observances in August 2022. Among national days you can find some serious ones like Coast Guards Day, Purple Heart Day or days appreciating parents, middle children or sisters, and also some more lighthearted days like Lazy Day or Presidential joke Day. What about American Days? There you can find the major religious observation in August (Assumption of Virgin Mary), Aviation Day aka Pilot Day which falls on the birthday of Orville Wright (1871-1948), and several statehood days celebrating the important milesones of the states which are part of the United States, like Colorado, Rhode Island, Connecticut, South Carolina, Massachusets and Hawaii. This means our calendars with special days and observations can be a fun and visually pleasing educating tools as well.

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Next two special calendar sheets are also attractive. The first is an astro calendar marking the most important astronomical and astrological events in August. Some people say that horoscopes work even for people who don't believe in horoscopes. The other calendar in the same line presents a huge list of international holidays and observances, some officially recognized, like International Youth Day or World Humanitarian Day (both from UN), other more fun, like World Lizard Day or Play in the Sand Day, but the main goal is the same - to improve awareness of specific elements of out environment, no matter if we are dealing with people or other living beings or events which crucuially shaped our lives.

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While there is only one major Christian holiday in August (Assumption), we still managed to prepare two religiously themed calendars - the first one is a multifaith calendar for August, marking important dats in some of the major religions in the world, all being present in USA too, the other is focusing on Catholic saints who are still important source of inspiration for numerous parents who are looking for suitable names for their children.

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We conclude our list of calendars with special days in august with two interesting lists of important celebrations.

In Chinese calendar you'll find the ways from where joy, happiness and wealt come, but also warnings about possible bad omens or signs from Chinese horoscopes who might be problematic on certain days in the month. There is also the so-called Double Seventh which falls on August the 4th, Chinese version of Valentine's with more and more popular Qixi festival.

And ther's of course Pagan calendar for August 2022 with most important dates for Wicca followers and the most important pagan celebration in August - Lammas which at least in some parts of the world became kind of adopted Christian celebration while neo-Pagans prefer Lughnasadh term - in both cases falling on the first day in August but not always celebrated then (check the in-depth article about Lammas).

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Did you know August got its name after Roman emperor Augustus Caesar, who succeeded more known Julius Caesar (who got 'his' own month few years before)? The Roman senate which decided to him this tremendous honor supposedly also decided to change the length of the month from 30 to 31 days - to be equal to the month of July. The extra day was taken from the February (previously having 29 on regular or 30 days on leap years), but several documents can prove this popular theory is wrong - July and August had the same length before Julius or Augustus had the power of changing a calendar.

August is the month when most big institutions close their doors in northern hemisphere. Some experts even claim this is the worst month for TV programmes - it is all reruns. This should be one more reason to get out, in nature and enjoy the summer while it lasts. It will eventually pass. September is coming... We can count on this for sure:)


National Holidays in August:

- there aren't any national holidays in USA,
- Provincial Day is celebrated on August 1st in Canada (in many regions).


August is:
- Children's Eye Health & Safety Month
- National Panini Month
- National Water Quality Month
- Orange and Papaya Month.


Funny Observances and Holidays in August 2022:
- 1st - Girlfriend's Day
- 3rd - Watermelon Day
- 8th - Happiness Happens Day
- 12th - Sewing Machine Day
- 12th - World Elephant Day
- 15th - Best Friends Day
- 17th - Meaning of "Is" Day
- 25th - National Second-hand Wardrobe Day
- 26th - National Dog Day
- 29th - More Herbs, Less Salt Day
- 30th - National Toasted Marshmallow Day.



Celebrity Birthdays in August:
- 1st - Yves Saint Laurent
- 2nd - Mary-Louise Parker
- 3rd - Martha Stewart
- 4th - Barack Obama
- 5th - Neil Armstrong
- 6th - Andy Warhol
- 7th - Charlize Theron
- 8th - Shawn Mendes
- 9th - Whitney Houston
- 10th - Antonio Banderas
- 11th - Chris Hemsworth
- 12th - George Hamilton
- 13th - Alfred Hitchcock
- 14th - Halle Berry
- 15th - Ben Affleck
- 16th - Madonna
- 17th - Robert DeNiro
- 18th - Robert Redford
- 19th - Bill Clinton
- 20th - Amy Adams
- 21st - Brody Jenner
- 22nd - Ty Burrell
- 23rd - Kobe Bryant
- 24th - Rupert Grint
- 25th - Gene Simmons
- 26th - Melissa McCarthy
- 27th - Eve Torres
- 28th - Alana Thomspon (Honey Boo Boo)
- 29th - Liam Payne
- 30th - Cameron Diaz
- 31th - Richard Gere.




Printable Calendar Pages

You'll notice we offer a lot of paid calendars to order by mail and free calendars to print at your home. It looks a monthly calendar is in very high demand, so at the moment we offer biggest selection of free printable calendars in this area, but in the future we intend to add weekly calendars, planners, organizers and so on.


It is our mission to meet your demands at our best, so keep in touch and bookmark this site. Have a great day!

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