Printable blank calendar can be a great help for better organization in today's hectic lifestyles. Living on a fast track or not, a good plan can only improve efficiency of our days. We offer free printable blank calendars in different formats and our mission is to add many more in the near future.


Remember - good planning is sometimes half of success, but never enough. So: choose, print and go into action with our printable calendars as your little helpers!


Sometimes all you need is completely blank calendar. You can add days, numbers and all the data you want. Here are templates with five and six weeks in a month. Your turn:) 



blank-calendar-5-weeks-landscape-c blank-calendar-6-weeks-landscape-c










We prepared another pair (five or six weeks) of blank templates, this time in portrait format with a lot of space for your busy schedule.













blank-calendar-with-holidays Sometimes all you need is a blank sheet to get you going.

Plain blank calendar looks a bit spartan at first sight, but with a pinch of imagination and customization it instantly transforms in the ultimate planning tool tailored to your measure.

With two pages you have plenty of possibilities to add the text and pictures of your choice, or just use all available space to keep the track of your hectic schedule.


Pick the size, choose your style, make the best of your time. Every day brings new opportunities. Don't miss them!




Blank Weekly Calendar

We use blank calendar sheets for wide variety of purposes, but in general only two formats are used: monthly and weekly, each with slightly different perspective on time planning, but both with the same main goal - to get control of our time.

A week is one of the most basic units by which we plan out time. In most cases we start working on Mondays and stop at Fridays or Saturdays. For this reason we can expect a special place for Sunday as the day of rest, when we can spend more time with families.

blank-weekly-calendar-c blank-week-calendar-c


printable-blank-weekly-calendar-c weekly-blank-calendar-c



All these printable weekly calendar templates are completely free for your personal use and designed to help planning your week as best as possible. Remember, it is only seven days in a week, so use them wisely - for work, rest and fun, not necessary in that order!


Key chain holder with weekly blank calendar



Key chain holders are not necessary for keys only.


This one is a true multitasking tool with dry-erase board and predesigned weekly blank calendar which, by the way, is customizable as well.


You can choose between different formats and can include your own pictures too. It fits great in home, school or office and it looks great everywhere.







Dreaming about a perfect vacation? Swimming in the ocean, lying under the palm or having a fun with dolphins? Enjoying the romantic sunsets with your significant other? Don't forget to plan your perfect holidays with our printable blank calendars!



























calendar mouse pad


Personalized mouse pads are very popular gifts among very different people.

They can be used as great promotional material with practical usage and with customization you can express your artistic skills as well.

Of course these custom mouse pads with ability to include your own photos offer an opportunity to create very unique items and memorabilia with just few clicks of the mouse.








A beautiful picture of landscape can turn a dull wall into imaginary window to the outside world, the world of freedom and opportunities, which can open to you with a help of proper planning of your daily tasks. So you only have to select your favorite blank calendar. All are free and printable!














When we spend so much time closed inside offices and other box-like limited spaces, an image from nature can make all the difference. So here we go with blank calendars accompanying with lively photos of butterflies, flowers, flowers, ... and more flowers!

















If you need a wall calendar for a fan of roses, take a look at the rose calendar on the left.

Thanks to their decorative and practical value flower calendars are always welcome as gifts.

With an option of customization you can make it really personal - with few clicks you can change existing designs with your own photos and text.















Let's continue with our selection of free blank calendars, this time with inspiring photos of nature!

blank calendar bee 6 weeks

blank calendar tulips 6 weeksblank calendar monument valley 6 weeks



If you prefer the comfort of the cities, you can choose a blank calender with astonishing images of buildings from next selection!





Blank calendars are not necessary completely blank. A nice photo can still make a difference and you can choose from some really attractive ones. Use the synergy of beauty and efficiency!



Personalized calendars are decorative, practical and with photos of your children.

You can add your travel experiences or other photos of your choice and they make almost perfect gifts for you best friends and relatives.

Take the calendar on the left as an example.










Pumpkins are very appropriate motif for the fall with Halloween, Thanksgiving and all celebrations of the harvest typical for October and November. Well, they look great in other times of year too! Here we made three pages with big photos and two with just small clip art in corners (to add some life on the list!).

blank-calendar-free-halloween-c free-blank-calendar-halloween-cfree-blank-calendar-pumpkins



Autumn leaves with their lively colors are popular decoration on printable blank calenders, so we prepared several nice versions to give you a chance to choose your favorite.

blank-calendar-autumn blank-calendar-fallfree-blank-calendar-autumn

free-blank-calendar-fall free-blank-calendar-fall-leavesfree-blank-calendar-fall-tree


Next set of blank calendar sheets with Christmas motifs will bring a Christmas spirit in your home or office in no time! (And they can help you with proper planning for maybe the busiest time of the year as well.)

blank-calendar-baby-sleeping blank-calendar-baby-with-santa-hatblank-calendar-merry-christmas


blank-calendar-christmas-ball blank-calendar-christmas-decorblank-calendar-christmas-decorations


All these Christmas themed blank calendars are printable and free for personal use. No strings attached. Merry Christmas!

blank-calendar-decorations blank-calendar-christmas-treeblank-calendar-poinsettia






clouds-calendarClouds are another endless source of inspiration.

Clouds calendar will charm you with astonishing images which can help you as the starting point for meditation or give you a base for fun games with guessing what a specific shape of the cloud presents or what kind of weather it brings.

Just like other premium calendars on this page, this one can be totally personalized, equipped with  logo of your company, with you own photos, or whatever your imagination wants. Sky is the limit.

Winter is time of rest for nature, but still offers myriad opportunities for magnificent photo shots. Some of them inspired next pack of free printable blank calendars. While they look peaceful, they definitely posses some kind of mysterious and inspiring feel, don't they?









blank-calendar-winter blank-calendar-snowblank-calendar-winter-sunset


blank-calendar-penguin blank-calendar-owlfree-blank-calendar-snowy-trees


Colorful Blank Calendars 

Next two pairs offer blank printable calendars in landscape and portrait format: 

blank calendar print out

a blank calendar


blank calendar printfree blank monthly calendars to print 




Maybe you would like to see at least few colorful lines on your wall? We have free blank calendars in both (landscape and portrait) formats with blue, purple and pink borders - but you need a color printer...

 blank calendar pages to print free 5 weeksblank calendars 5 weeks portrait



free blank calendar

blank calendar pages to print



pink blank calendar

blank calendar to print



A blank calendar is a first step on the way to the perfect plan and we certainly don't want anything to distruct us, but a nice flower in the corner can still remind us why are we making schedules and help us staying motivated!

blank calendar with pink flowerblank calendars free












Get School Year Calendar For Your Kid


Children like calendars for many reasons and they can serve as decorative elements as well.

This two page calendar features set of illustration from popular book series about naughty, yet sympathetic rascals from third grade, made by multi-award winning caricaturist and illustrator.

If you want to add something truly unique to your kid's room, this may be the answer. To help him organize and enjoy at whimsical pictures.

April is very delicate time of school year. Majority of knowledge is already presented and ready to be absorbed. Now is perfect time to sit down and go through study material. Make the most of the available time with high quality calendar!




Blank Calendar for Kids

Blank calendar for kids can be very useful too. Below we added a set with cute teddy bears in different colors. Kids have a lot of obligations too, so they deserve some themed blank printable calendars - all free. 

blank calandar with teddy bear landscape 5 weeks

blank calendar for kids with teddy bear portrait 5 weeks











blank calendar kids with pink teddy bear landscape 5 weeks












Who can resist a pink elephant on this lovely blank calendar for kids? Of course there is a blue version too! 










A free blank montly calendar can help your kid to get better idea of time, to understand what can be done and when, to help your child at organizing and, who knows, maybe to serve as a starting point of some sort of career - in business, art, sport, whatever! Everything is possible when you are young. Remember, the future belongs to our kids!

blank calendar teddy bear light blue 6 weeks

 blank calendar teddy bear pink 6 weeks blank calendar teddy bear beige 6 weeks











free blank calendar for kids blue teddy bear 5 weeksblank calendar for kids pink teddy bear 5 weeksprintable blank calendar for kids beige teddy bear 5 weeks 











If you like your visit to our page with free blank printable calendars, don't forget to tell your friends! Have a great time planning and enjoy every single minute of your time!



Printable Calendar Pages

You'll notice we offer a lot of paid calendars to order by mail and free calendars to print at your home. It looks a monthly calendar is in very high demand, so at the moment we offer biggest selection of free printable calendars in this area, but in the future we intend to add weekly calendars, planners, organizers and so on.


It is our mission to meet your demands at our best, so keep in touch and bookmark this site. Have a great day!

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