It's hard to find somebody who doesn't like June, probably the most popular month of the year, at least in Northern Hemisphere, where it's the month with the longest days. The other side of the world has just the opposite situation: June means the start of winter there, just like the month of December in Europe, Asia, Northern America and the upper half of Africa.

June is also the favorite month of children because it is when the school ends and holidays start. To help you at better planning of your time, we prepared different printable calendars for June 2021. They are all completely free for your personal use.

Check these printable June calendars 2021!

Did you know June had 29 days until Julius Cesar added additional day in 46 BC at reformation of Roman calendar? It is one of only two months (the other is May) which starts on the day in the week when none of other months starts. It is also the month of roses, the most popular flowers in the world. We can say June is the month when majority of flowers show them in their best light.

Here are some beautiful free monthly calendars with flowers for June 2021:

june 2021 calendar c2021 june calendar cjune calendar 2021 printable c


Printable monthly calendar June 2021

What's the origin of the name June? This month is named after Roman goddess Juno, patroness of marriage and eternal youthfulness (among many other things). Thanks to her powers (and beautiful, but in general not too hot weather) June is the month with the highest number of weddings in the year.

Even if we are not planning a wedding in this month, we can still dream about the perfect place for a honeymoon or similar memorable vacation. Here are some free printable calendars to give you an inspiration:

month of june calendar cprintable calendar for june 2021 c june calendar 2021 free to print c


June is officially a spring month yet we are all looking at it as the start of summer. this means vacation, extended periods of resting and all kinds of adventures. No matter if you prefer swiming and sun bathing or hiking and learning new skills, these images on calendars for the month of June should give you a good taste of possibilites in front of you. Use them as a handy planner and a cute virtual window into the new worlds just waiting to be explored by you and your travel buddies.

calendar for june 2021 free cprintable june calendar cfree june calendar 2021 printable c


Exotic extravaganza with palms, sandy beaches, doplhins, and comfy cottages is definitely one way to go, so we covered that in a series of free printable calendars above.


blue calendar june 2021 c

cute 2021 june calendar c 

Do you prefer nature around your houseinstead of long distance travels with unpredictable complications? These lovely June calendars are designed to remind you that we can ooften find large doses of happiness just around the corner. The catch is in deatails. Simple perfections of a colorful blossom can be worth more than a thousand words.

cute june calendar purple flowers c

free calendar for june pretty picture c



Who needs personalized Father's day card?

fathers day mug

Don't forget Father's Day is on June 20th! It falls on Sunday, so be prepared with this lovely Father's Day Mug where you can change the offered image with your own and add your own personalized message.

















When is Father's Day?

Of course Father's Day can be celebrated on different other dates in different countries. In UK and Canada it's on third Sunday in June, for example. No matter where you are coming for, next free calendars to print are here to remind you about your father and the precious bond you are having.

fathers day 2021 calendar ccalendar june 2021 fathers day c fathers day themed calendar 2021 june c












Another Father's Day gift idea...

fathers day shirt

Fully customizable Happy Father's Day T-Shirt is among coolest gifts appropriate for the occasion. Be honest: who doesn't like to be called a super daddy?















Free printable calendar for kids (June 2021)

Our monthly calendars for children with cute elephants and teddy bears are always in high demand. They have a lot of free space to fulfill it with plans for best vacations ever.

June is time when we spend the most time outdoors. Best times in most cases start with a good plan and these free calendars for children are just perfect for that!


kids calendar for jue 2021 c

blank june 2021 monthly calendar landscape c 

printable blank june calendar with pink elephant c

cute calendar 2021 june blue elephant c


We have more! Here are similar lovely themes appropriate for kids, but with bigger pictures. You can choose from puppy in lighter or darker shade of brown and pink teddy bear.

calendar for children 2021 june c

june 2021 kids calendar free c

kids calendar june 2021 printable c



Pick your favorite blank June 2021 calendar

Next set of free blank calendars is all ready to print. We prepared them in landscape and portrait formats, with and without holidays. A lot of blank space to have a chance to write all important things down. There is always something important going on in June, right?

blank june calendar c

blank june 2021 calendar to print c

blank june 2021 calendar printable c

printable blank june 2021 calendar c

Blank calendars are really practival solution to keep track of our daily tasks. We got them covered in landscape and portrait format. But sometimes we need a bit of additional data, something extra above the 7 times 5 table with numbers and das of the week. For this reason we construcet a full set of unique calendars with all kinds of holidays. Some of them are serious, even proposed by United Nations and aimilar organisations, some are more on the funny side, like Hug Your Cat Day or Wear Blue Day, or with educational tone in mind like World Bicycle Day or Tau Day

american days calendar with holidays 2021 june c

astro calendar with holidays 2021 june printable c


We didn't forget to include religious holidays, so we made one with Christian and one with internatinal religious holidays. Theres another with saints, so you can always chec which names are celebration their patrons saints for current date in June.

calendar with catholic holidays for june 2021 c

calendar with chinese holidays june 2021 c


Chinese calendar for the month of Jne is another special calendar where you can check what awaits you according to feng shui and Chinese astrology. We didn'a forget astro calendar wizh moon phases and other important astro happenings and there's a pagan calendar as well.

calendar with international holidays and special days june 2021 c

calendar with national days holidays 2021 june c

calendar with religious days holidays 2021 june c

pagan calendar june 2021 c


June is a month of life, optimism and love. We conclude our selection of free calendars with this two printable blank calendars with pink borders and a pink flower in the corner. Enjoy!

blank june 2021 calendar cute cblank june calendar 2021 portrait c












National Holidays in June:

- Father's Day is celebrated on June 20th in USA.


June is:
- Audio Book Appreciation Month
- National Smile Month
- National Zoo and Aquarium Month
- Lemon and Mango month
- National Fruit and Veggies month
- National Iced Tea month.


Funny Observances and Holidays in June 2021:
- 1st - Say Something Nice Day
- 5th - World Environment Day
- 10th - Iced Tea Day
- 12th - National Peanut Butter Cookie Day
- 15th - Nature Photography Day
- 17th - Eat Your Vegetables Day
- 22nd - Global Smurfs Day
- 25th - Global Beatles Day
- 27th - "Happy Birthday To You" Day.

Celebrity Birthdays in June:
- 1st - Heidi Klum
- 2nd - Charlie Watts
- 3rd - Rafael Nadal
- 4th - Angelina Jolie
- 5th - Mark Wahlberg
- 6th - Thomas Mann
- 7th - Tom Jones
- 8th - Kanye West
- 9th - Johnny Depp
- 10th - Elizabeth Hurley
- 11th - Hugh Laurie
- 12th - Adriana Lima
- 13th - Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen
- 14th - Donald Trum
- 15th - Courteney Cox
- 16th - Eddie Cibrian
- 17th - Venus Williams
- 18th - Paul McCartney
- 19th - Zoe Saldana
- 20th - Nicole Kidman
- 21st - Prince William
- 22nd - Meryl Streep
- 23rd - Zinedine Zidane
- 24th - Solange Knowles
- 25th - George Michael
- 26th - Sean Hayes
- 27th - Khloe Kardashian
- 28th - Kathy Bates
- 29th - Nicole Scherzinger
- 30th - Cheryl Cole.



Printable Calendar Pages

You'll notice we offer a lot of paid calendars to order by mail and free calendars to print at your home. It looks a monthly calendar is in very high demand, so at the moment we offer biggest selection of free printable calendars in this area, but in the future we intend to add weekly calendars, planners, organizers and so on.


It is our mission to meet your demands at our best, so keep in touch and bookmark this site. Have a great day!

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