Check these printable March calendars 2020!

While March is the third month of the year since 18th century, being the month when spring started, it was for many centuries the first in the calendar. March is called the month of life, hope, new beginnings and resurrections.

The main reason for this is of course weather. On 20th or 21th of March Sun crosses celestial equator from South to North. This means Northern Hemisphere will get bigger share of sunlight what is undoubtedly a good reason for optimism.

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Personalized Calendars For 2020 Are Still In Demand 

calendar with trees Our ancestors looked at March with spring coming as a beginning of the year. In many ways they were right and we can symbolically turn a new leaf with a new calendar for 2020.

You can start and end the year with month of your choice and if you want to change existing photos of trees, symbols of new life, with your own photos, add a company logo or inspiring motto, you can do that too.

Buying a calendar in March is also a nice trick to save a few bucks buying it out of season, so don't forget to check if a discount is available.





Printable monthly calendar March 2020

Everything comes to life again in March and green is definitely a dominant color of this month. Don't forget we have one of the greenest holidays on the 17th - it's Saint Patrick's Day ... Go out, try to get some four leaf clovers!


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The name March comes from Latin Martius. This month got the name after god of war: Aries. Less known fact is Aries is also a god of agriculture and father of Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome. No wonder Roman wanted to celebrate a New year on 1st March!

There are many March traditions all over the world. Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, ... , all have important religious celebrations in March and all can be connected with old pagan traditions, related to flowers, sun and new beginnings in general.



Bring Spring Indoor With Miracle Gro Aerogarden 

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Spring is time of growth and everything turns green in March. But what about people living in concrete buildings, without soil or sunlight?

Miracle Gro Garden offers a simple and effective solution for people who would like to bring a piece of nature in their homes. Indoor herb garden kit is an elegant scientific project which may interest your kids as well.

The technology was developed by NASA and offers to grow herbs under energy efficient lights ten times faster than in real soil. Seeds are included!

If you think about an original gift for a friend without too much space, but with love for greenery, this may be really unique idea. Miracle Gro Aerogarden is available in black and white versions. It can be wrapped as a gift, if you want.

The color of this year is radiant orchid. This means we'll have a chance to see a lot of pink and violet colors in all hues and shades through all the year. With these free printable calendars March 2020 will be a great start to the colorful rest of the year.




St. Patrick's Day

The most popular holiday in March is without doubt St. Patrick's Day on 17th. This year it comes on Thursday. Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated with many activities for kids and grown-ups. Special food, made by traditional recipes, is prepared, Green clothes and hats are worn, there are parades and different crafts. Everything on this date is in the sign of green ribbons, shamrocks, leprechauns, rainbows and pots of gold.

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St. Patrick Cap

st patricks day hat personalized

Humor is one of signature signs of people from Ireland and inscription on this personalized baseball cap is a lovely example.

Of course you can change the wording according to your wishes. St. Patrick caps are very popular as gifts as well!

Don't forget how sun is becoming stronger in March, so some kind of protection for the face and especially for the eyes can always come handy. 










What is St. Patrick Day anyway? It is a commemoration of death of Saint Patrick, who converted many Irish pagans to Christianity. Among converts there were several members of king's family. In about three decades of his activity practically all Ireland became catholic country which still is.


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St. Patrick Kiss Me Shirt

St Patricks Day Shirts Kiss Me Im Irish

They say everybody is an Irish on March 17th and if the price is a kiss, this statement is even more understandable.

If you want to join the celebration of the day of the most popular Irish saint, proper outfit, like one of St. Patrick's T-shirts might be in place.














March calendar for kids

Everybody likes spring but it seems kids love it most of all. With these printable blank calendars (copmpletely free for personal use) you can plan March activities up to perfection. They have a lot of space for all kinds of notes and cute little decorative elements just to enliven the wall.


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You already noticed you can get free calendars for children in landscape in portrait format. In addition you can also choose from the next series with bigger pictures of animals.


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Do You Need Original School Calendar? 

kids calendarEvery kid already knows year actually starts in July, with vacations. Here is your chance to keep your child motivated and focused to the end of this year with this funny School Calendar.

Of course you can change background color for one of other nineteen colors available, add your text (maybe an inspiration note, something to keep your kid going to the end of school year) and pick a different size of the poster.

We all know how school calendars are sometimes too rigid, so this is an opportunity to loosen things a bit.

Make the most of school year and enjoy in well deserved vacation!

 Knowing how useful and popular are school calendars, we also made a full article about the best school year calendars, in very different forms, all ready to be explored.



Blank March 2020 calendar - printable


Free printable calendars are almost a must in today's fast paced living and we did our best to make your life easier. Next pair of calendars is available in both formats and is plain simple template with maximum possible blank space for all you need to write down.

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If you still prefer some colors, we made them in pink too:

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Not enough? We have a full page of finest customizable blank calendars for the most demanding users!


March is:
- Berries and Cherries Month
- Humorists Are Artists Month
- National Caffeine Awareness Month
- National Peanut Month
- National Umbrella Month
- Sing With Your Child Month.

Personalized Coffee Mugs For Saint Patrick's

st patricks day mug custom

St. Patrick is a holiday related with beer and coffee (just think about Irish coffee). This is your chance for thoughtful gesture - personalized coffee mug for your friend of Irish ancestry.

You may ask how, if you don't know how to make your own coffee mug? Well, already is set and ready to go, you just have to add the name of the happy receiver, personal message or a picture of your choice.

Click on 'customize it' and play with the options, you'll have a very unique gift for different occasions.

Or you can use the existing design with appropriately marked date on the calender ... There is more - you can choose among many different mugs and a beer mug is among them too!









Funny Observances and Holidays in March 2020:
- 1st - National Peanut Lovers Day
- 3rd - World Wildlife Day
- 9th - Barbie Day
- 11th - Dream 2019 Day
- 17th - St. Patrick's Day
- 19th - National Chocolate Caramel Day
- 20th - World Storytelling Day
- 22nd - As Young As You Feel Day
- 23rd - World Meteorological Day
- 25th - Tolkien Reading Day
- 26th - Spinach Day
- 30th - Pencil Day.


Celebrity Birthdays in March:
- 1st - Justin Bieber
- 2nd - Jon Bon Jovi
- 3rd - Jessica Biel
- 4th - Patricia Heaton
- 5th - Eva Mendes
- 6th - Shaquille O'Neal
- 7th - Bryan Cranston
- 8th - Kat Von D
- 9th - Brittany Snow
- 10th - Carrie Underwood
- 11th - Alex Kingston
- 12th - Liza Minnelli
- 13th - Dana Delany
- 14th - Albert Einstein
- 15th - Eva Longoria
- 16th - Alexandra Daddario
- 17th - Rob Lowe
- 18th - Lily Collins
- 19th - Bruce Willis
- 20th - Spike Lee
- 21st - Gary Oldman
- 22nd - Reese Witherspoon
- 23rd - Mo Farah
- 24th - Jim Parsons
- 25th - Sarah Jessica Parker
- 26th - Steven Tyler
- 27th - Mariah Carey
- 28th - Lady Gaga
- 29th - Elle Macpherson
- 30th - Celine Dion
- 31th - Christopher Walken.

Printable Calendar Pages

You'll notice we offer a lot of paid calendars to order by mail and free calendars to print at your home. It looks a monthly calendar is in very high demand, so at the moment we offer biggest selection of free printable calendars in this area, but in the future we intend to add weekly calendars, planners, organizers and so on.


It is our mission to meet your demands at our best, so keep in touch and bookmark this site. Have a great day!

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