What things to do in May? May is the month of growth, optimism and love. Everything is turning green, birds are non stop singing, days are sunny but not too hot (at least on Northern Hemisphere) and there are many occasions to use the days for different family activities, playing with kids or just hanging out with friends. The say My is month of love and June is perfect for weddings. Makes sense, right?

We prepared some free printable calendars (all are completely free for personal use) to help you better organize your days and enjoy this beautiful month to its full advance. So don't ask what to do in May, just print the calendar of your choice, enter some typical May activities and have fun!

Check these printable May calendars 2021!

Did you know May got its name after Maia, the Greek goddess of fertility? Pagans often celebrated May the first as the beginning of year or beginning of the summer. In Ireland it's still widely popular as unofficial holiday called Beltane.

May has an interesting feature. No other month in the year starts or ends on the same day of the week, leap years included. Here is another one: next year will always start on the same day of the week as May of this year.

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Printable monthly calendar May 2021

May is part of the year when we spend a lot of time outdoors, but we still have many obligations to fulfil (the school year, for instance, is ending with numerous events) so these templates with flowers could help you to plan your activities and get you in the right mood at the same time.

It is also month with many more or less important holidays from International Labour Day on May 1st  and Europe Day on May 9th to Star Wars Day (May the fourth/force be with you!) on May 4th and Towel Day (remembering Douglas Adams and The Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy) on May 25th.

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When is Mother's Day?

We should not forget Mother's Day, which is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in many countries, including USA in Canada. This year it falls on May 9th. Like most of the holidays this one became over-commercialized in last decades and lost most of the original spirit, but it is still nice to reunite with one's own mother and the family if we moved away and lost contact.

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Free printable monthly calendars for kids (May 2021)

Kids adore these cute calendars with teddy bears and lovely elephants. Huge empty blanks give you enough space to mark all the important events in this traditionally busy month.The school year (and academic year as well) is approaching the end, and, like it or not, we have to plan the holidays - some projects have to finish before the summer starts! We all know how certain institutions practically close the doors in June and stay closed up to September.

Plan wisely, seize the days and have a lot of fun.

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Blank May 2021 calendar - ready to print

Our blank monthly calendars are always in demand and we prepared them in landscape and portrait formats, with and without marked holidays. Choose one which fits you best and print it out!

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Sometimes a completely blank calendar is not enough. A touch of paint and a lovely flower make all the difference and here we have the same thing, but in pink!

cute blank calendar 2021 may cmay 2021 calendar pink c



National Holidays in May:
- Mother's Day is celebrated on May 9th and Memorial Day on May 31st in USA,
- Victoria Day is celebrated on May 24th in Canada,
- Early May Bank Holiday is celebrated on May 3rd and Spring Bank Holiday is celebrated on May 31st in United Kingdom.



May is:
- National Hamburger Month
- National Bike Month
- National Mediterranean Diet Month
- National Photo Month
- National Salad Month
- National Family Month.

Funny Observances and Holidays in May:
- May 1 - Batman Day
- May 1 - Stepmother's Day
- May 3 - National Two Different Colored Shoes Day
- May 6 - No Diet Day
- May 11 - Eat What You Want Day
- May 15 - Nylon Stockings Day
- May 16 - National Sea Monkey Day
- May 17 - World Telecommunications Day
- May 21 - American Red Cross Founder's Day
- May 22 - National Maritime Day
- May 29 - Put A Pillow On Your Fridge Day
- May 31 - World No-Tobacco Day.

Celebrity Birthdays in May:
- 1st - Emilia Clarke
- 2nd - David Beckham
- 3rd - Christina Hendricks
- 4th - Kimora Lee Simmons
- 5th - Adele
- 6th - George Clooney
- 7th - Gary Cooper
- 8th - Enrique Iglesias
- 9th - Billy Joel
- 10th - Bono
- 11th - Salvador Dali
- 12th - Emilio Estevez
- 13th - Robert Pattinson
- 14th - Cate Blanchett
- 15th - Andy Murray
- 16th - Janet Jackson
- 17th - Bob Saget
- 18th - Tina Fey
- 19th - Grace Jones
- 20th - Cher
- 21st - Lisa Edelstein
- 22nd - Naomi Campbell
- 23rd - Joan Collins
- 24th - Priscilla Presley
- 25th - Mike Myers
- 26th - Lenny Kravitz
- 27th - Jamie Oliver
- 28th - Kylie Minogue
- 29th - Annette Bening
- 30th - Idina Menzel
- 31th - Clint Eastwood.


Printable Calendar Pages

You'll notice we offer a lot of paid calendars to order by mail and free calendars to print at your home. It looks a monthly calendar is in very high demand, so at the moment we offer biggest selection of free printable calendars in this area, but in the future we intend to add weekly calendars, planners, organizers and so on.


It is our mission to meet your demands at our best, so keep in touch and bookmark this site. Have a great day!

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