We made many free printable calendars for October 2023 with variety of themes, with Halloween as a major 'holiday' being the most represented of all. October as you already know, got the name from Latin word octo, meaning eight, because initially this was the eighth month in the calendar.

oct 2023 calendar printable c

print october 2023 calendar c

print calendar october 2023 c


But did you know about the St. Luke tradition, which comes on October 18th? On this day a girl traditionally rubs her face with a mixture of vinegar, honey and spices before sleep to get a chance to see her future husband in her dreams!

Of course this is connected with magic words: "Saint Luke, Saint Luke, be kind to me, in dreams let me my true love see!"

October is full of more or less amazing events and we tried to prepare a monthly calendar with appropriate themes, all free for your personal use, all ready to print in several handy formats.


October 2023 Calendar

This autumn month is connected with all kinds of fruits (growing season just ended, remember?), so it is abundant with food, but we also know the winter is coming and we should be frugal (it is a month of saving too!). With this in mind we tried to balance both sides - what is actually perfectly presented through Halloween holiday.


october 2023 printable calendar c

october calendar 2023 printable c

printable calendar october c

Carved pumpkins presented on these calendars, which are completely free for your personal use, are pretty good spirited, but initial idea is to make them as scary as possible. The reason was simple: they should scare away all mean spirited ghosts who are wondering around on October 31th.

Nowadays a pumpkin is more used as a symbol of abundance and optimistic beginning of the winter, having storages loaded with all kinds of fruits.

Isn't it amazing to see the transformation of these peaceful fruit-veggies to impressive Jack-o-Lanterns? Pumpkins are very popular in the kitchen too and they also have their own 'holidays'. So we made more calendars with pumpkins:)

October can be a beautiful month although it is often very rainy. But after the rain the sun will always shine again and autumn often presents spectacular views on colorful leaves. Several travel agencies actually offer guided views on maple tree woods with unbelievable outlook on thousands of shades of yellow, red and everything between.

Monthly Calendars With Nature Themes for October 2023

If we are lucky, in October we can admire the autumn in full beauty as presented on next printable monthly calendars. But there is a saying: warm October leads to cold February.

printable calendar october 2023 c

october printable calendar 2023 c

october 2023 calendar printable c


In the old times when we felt more connected with nature, many observations originated, some of them can be backed with scientific explanations but most are only interesting tidbits. There is, for example a saying: If October is rainy, the month of December will be windy. 

And another: If birds and animals gain a lot of fat till October, expect cold winter. And more: If autumn is rich with berries, the winter will be hard.


Free Printable Calendar For Kids

Original printable monthly calendars for children are always in demand. We made several original designs with blue and pink borders and nice animals in corners. Who can resist a huggable teddy bear or cute elephant? For boys and girls - all ready to print! And, of course, Halloween theme on our kids' calendars is not forgotten as well.


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print october 2023 calendar for kids c

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october 2023 kids c

 All october calendars for kids above are free for personal use and as such available as even more affordable and useful educational and organizational tools as our small contribution to a better world.


Blank monthly calendars for October 2023

Many successful stories started with great time planning. With these printable blank calendars you can be in full charge of your time plan. They are simple and effective, available in landscape and portrait format. Seize the day with proper time management plan!

blank october 2023 calendar c

printable blank calendar october c

blank calendar october 2023 c

blank october calendar c














October 2023 Calendars with Special Days and Holidays

 We are aiming to provide as many different and useful monthly calendars as possible and the ones below are definitley a step in this direction.

First is a calendar with all important American holidays in October 2023. Federal holidays are written with black and state holidays and observations (celebrated only in one or several sates of the USA) in green color. Next to it ia astro calendar. In it you'll fnd all important changes and relations of the planets in the month of October. The moon phases are marked too.

october 2023 printable calendar holidays c

astro calendar october c











National days and holidays are always a good starting point to explore a certain topis, being serious and official or less serious, supported only by a group of enthusiasts, yet still sometimes very important. You'll find many intriguing national days  in the October's calendar, like First Responders Day on 28th of October or Metric Day on 10th of October, which make a great opportunity to learne something new, or maybe Do Something Nice Day on Octobert the 5th which remind us that we are social creatures, always in need to help other or get help from them never knowing which of that will be next.

Next to October calendar with national days is a calendar with Catholic holidays in October. You'll find many saints being celebrated in this month, some with very popular names. Is yours among them? Are you actually named after one of these saints?

printable october 2023 calendar national days c

october 2023 printable calendar catholica saints c












Chinese calendar for October is not popular only popular among Chinese. This is thanks to very interesting Chinese horoscope, a lovely alternative to Zodiac. Did you know we are living in the Water Tiger Year? And is probably goot to kow joy and wealth will mostly come from South in October 2023. On the other hand each day has its own ups an downs, so be ready to make the best of each date!

Next to Chinese calendar for Octeber you'll find multi-faith calendar for October 2023 with major religious holidays celebrated by members of different religions in the world.

chinese calendar october 2023 c

october calendar 2023 printable religious holidays c











October calendar with international  days and observatins is another mix of more or less official celebrations. Some are appoved by WHO, UNESCO or other respectful international organisations, some known only to a handful of fans. Yet, would you like to miss a World Smile Day on the 7th of October?

And there's a pagan calendar for October, for more and more neo-pagans who are intereste in old, sometimes almost forgotten celebrations which are mostly deeply ingrained in nature changes. The most important one if efinitely Samhain, as one of the predecestors of Halloween. There are also beginings and endings of Celtic tree months included, and you'll get some hints of asteroid showers as well.

october 2023 printable calendar international days c

pagan calendar october 2023 c










Last two calendars with special days and holidays are new to this site. Due to huge demand of our visitors we decided to add a calendar with all important celebrations and observations of Jewish days in October, as all the important Canadian holidays for all our visitors comong from Canada or having connection with Canadians. Just bear in mind Canada is a federation what means they have federal and moe local holidays, what we marked with different colors as in the 'American calendar' at the beginning of the section.

jewish days calendar for october 2023 c

oct 2023 calendar printable canadian holidays c










vintage calendar october c

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Monthly Pink Calendars 2023: October

blank october calendar pink ccute calendar october c



National Holidays in October:

- Columbus Day is celebrated on October 9th in USA
- Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on October 9th in Canada
- Halloween is on October 31st.

October is:
- Breast Cancer Awareness Month
- Dyslexia Awareness Month
- Halloween Safety Month
- National Book Month
- National Popcorn Poppin' Month
- Vegetarian Month.


Funny Observances and Holidays in October:
- 1st - World Vegetarian Day
- 4th - World Animal Day
- 5th - World Teachers Day
- 6th - Mad Hatter Day
- 8th - World Octopus Day
- 12th - International Moment of Frustration Scream Day
- 13th - National Chess Day
- 14th - Spider-Man Day
- 15th - National Cake Decorating Day
- 16th - National Boss's Day
- 17th - National Pasta Day
- 23rd - IPod Day
- 24th - United Nations Day
- 25th - International Artists Day
- 28th - National Chocolate Day
- 30th - Haunted Refrigerator Night
- 31th - Halloween or All Hallows Eve


Celebrity Birthdays in October:
- 1st - Julie Andrews
- 2nd - Sting
- 3rd - Gwen Stefani
- 4th - Dakota Johnson
- 5th - Kate Winslet
- 6th - Elisabeth Shue
- 7th - Simon Cowell
- 8th - Nick Cannon
- 9th - John Lennon
- 10th - Mario Lopez
- 11th - Michelle Trachtenberg
- 12th - Hugh Jackman
- 13th - Sacha Baron Cohen
- 14th - Usher
- 15th - Keyshia Cole
- 16th - Tim Robbins
- 17th - Eminem
- 18th - Zac Efron
- 19th - John Lithgow
- 20th - Viggo Mortensen
- 21st - Kim Kardashian
- 22nd - Jeff Goldblum
- 23rd - Ryan Reynolds
- 24th - Aubrey Drake Graham
- 25th - Katy Perry
- 26th - Keith Urban
- 27th - Kelly Osbourne
- 28th - Bill Gates
- 29th - Winona Ryder
- 30th - Gavin Rossdale
- 31th - Willow Smith.


Printable Calendar Pages

You'll notice we offer a lot of paid calendars to order by mail and free calendars to print at your home. It looks a monthly calendar is in very high demand, so at the moment we offer biggest selection of free printable calendars in this area, but in the future we intend to add weekly calendars, planners, organizers and so on.


It is our mission to meet your demands at our best, so keep in touch and bookmark this site. Have a great day!

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