Welcome to the ultimate selection of free printable calendars for November 2023! It is pretty quiet month, if we compare it with October or December, but this doesn't mean we can't find interesting facts from the history.

Did you know Anglo Saxons called it 'a wind month' (because of the cold winds which start blowing in November) and 'a blood month' (because of cattle being slaughtered in this time of year)?


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November 2023 Calendar

November can still offer many sunny days (of course they are getting shorter, so we should seize them as best as we can), but it is already cold, so we can enjoy the beautiful view on colorful scenery as presented on our monthly calendars above and below with a hot cup of tea.

You probably already know that, but just for the record November got its name after Roman number nine (novem). It was ninth month in calendar before January and February were added to the beginning of the year.


Golden Retriever Calendar 2018


How about a premium calendar for your best friend who also happens to be a golden retriever lover? The one above is fully customizable, what means you can buy it as it already is or upload your photos and add your inscriptions. Despite all the fanciful apps for mobile devices a good old plain wall calendar on quality paper with lots of space for writing down appoointments and other obligations still plays important role in life planing.

If you want to see more of personalized high quality calendars with pets, don't miss our inspired selection of dog calendars and even dedicated golden retriever calendars for 2023.


By the way... Did you ever wonder why leaves change colors in autumn? The main reason is chlorophyll (it gives them green color) which is used to make food for plants (glucose) in the process called photosynthesis. When days are becoming shorter, there is no need for photosynthesis anymore, so chlorophyll slowly decompose and other pigments (of yellow and orange tones) become visible.


november 2023 printable calendar cfree printable november 2023 calendar cfree november 2023 printable calendar c

Some plants have also some glucose (it is colorless) in their leaves and this disintegrate into lively red colors (the process is similar to making a caramel). So these cute printable calendars for November 2023 will remind you of some chemistry too:)


thanksgiving place cards with turkey


Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated holidays in USA. It falls on the fourth Thursday in November, which this year comes on 23rd. It's an opportunity to share the thankfulness and together with Christmas it's the most family oriented holiday. The Thanksgiving themed place cards like the one, presented above, are one of the best ways to ignite the holiday spirit right from the beginning.



Monthly Calendars With Flowers And Nature Themes for November 2023

November is a colorful month and after the harvesting season we have plenty (hopefully) of food. If we didn't use all the pumpkins for Halloween, we can use them for many other things. They are edible and useful in cosmetics. Being packed with vitamins and minerals they have important health benefits too.

november printable calendar 2023 cnovember 2023 calendar with holidays printable cnovember 2023 calendar printable c


We are already familiar with apples, without doubt the major fruit of the fall, but what can we say about grapes? There is actually at least one important holiday related with them: St. Martin's Day, the day when juice made of grapes symbolically turns into wine.

St. Martin's Day is officially celebrated on November 11th, but most people take time to try young wine on the Sunday, nearest to 11th. When this date comes in he middle of the week, most of wine lovers celebrate it on the Sunday before and the Sunday after!



thanksgiving paper plates with fall leaves

Thanksgiving's meal is one of the major events of the year for millions of families in USA. Now you can add a little extra to initial mood setting with custom plates with appropriate autumn motifs. They are made of high quality paper, but won't work for soups. On the other hand, if you are looking for a special touch with a food basket with dried fruits or just want to serve an appetizer on the porch, you may do it with a message of your choice.

Calendar For Kids

If you need a free kids calendar (free for personal use), you can choose from several ready made versions, with different animals in corners and in different colors: pink and blue.

cute november calendar 2023 printable c

cute november calendar c

As you can see, we offer several kids themed calendars with different themes, all witn a lot of space to add doctor appointments, birthdays of friends and other important dates with some short notes. We know colors can be of huge importance at this age, so you can opt between blue and pink calendars for November. Or stay neutral, if you wish.

november 2023 calendar cute c

november 2023 calendar printable blue c


We certainly can't forget a classic teddy bear, so here he is, this time in much bigger 'role'. For a bit older children the's a pirate themed calendar and one wit a cute plush puppy for toddlers.

calendar for kids november c

kids calendar november c

november 2023 calendar for kids c

nov calendar kids coloring c

november coloring c

Blank calendars for November 2023

November seems calm month but it is one of those times of the year when we can do a lot without pressure, which can be so intense in December or some summer months. Here you have few blank calendars for 2023 November with or without holidays, in portrait and  landscape formats.

blank calendar november 2023 c

blank november calendar c

The pair above is completely blank and the pair below have both major holidays (Veteran's Day and Thaksgiving) marked in. All of them are of course completely free for your personal use, ready to print and help you at organizing.

november 2023 blank calendar c

november calendar blank c


november calendar printable simple c

november 2023 calendar printable pretty c

 We have also prepared a few special calendars with some more or less important events, happenings, observances, ...

 Let's start with a November calendar with American days and holidays. Here you can find the most popular, although not always official celebrations in the eleventh month of the year. Some holidays are celebrated on the federal level, others are limited to specific areas, for instance only one of the states in the USA. The next calendar presents all important stuff we can expect on the sky in November 2023; with moon phases, realtions of the planets and some hints on Zodiac. November is dominated by Scorpio with Sagittarius entering in the last third.

november 2022 calendar with american days holidays c

astro calendar for november 2022 c


Like all months November is full of so-called National days. These days are sometimes official celebrations of certain events, but more often invented by enthusiasts who want to dedicate a special day of the year to a cause or maybe a hobby which the are particularly fond of. The states of Ohio, Lousiana, Indiana and Mississippi officially celebrate on November 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 30th and are pretty straight forward. Yet it's up to you to find out what Chicken Lady Day or Absurdity Day stand for.

The next calendar is a full list of Catholic holidays and feast days in November. If you wonder who is your patron saint, this printable calendar can be a nice starting point.

november 2022 calendar national days c

november calendar catholic saints c


November 2023 still belongs to the Chinese year of Water Tiger. In this calendar you can find all the most important stuff according to the ancient knowledge of feng shui. Joy and wealth come from North East in November for instance and you should be aware of people born in the sign of Rooster on 3rd, 15th, and 27th in this month. There you can also find a few important Chinese festivals and celebrations. 11th of November is a Singles Day, Chinese answer to Valentines Day celebrated in the West.

On the right you can find a calendar with major religious holidays in November 2023 for all the major religions.

chinese calendar 2022 november c

november 2022 religious holidays calendar c


Are you more intereste in international affairs? We got you covered. Next calendar for November 2023 presents the most important international special days and holidays, some assigned by WHO, UNESCO and othe inerntional organizations, other by specific professional groups. All these international days are meant to make us think about different important stuff happening all over the globe.

Pagan calandar for 2023, on the othe hand, is less official, although with respectful tradition, with some celebrations with thousands of years of tradition. We also added the most important dates with peaks of meteor showers. Have a clear sky and enjoy the sparkles!

calendar with international days holidays november c

pagan calendar for november 2022 c


Hebrew calendar is another specialized montjly printale calendar for November 2023. As you already know Saturday (Sabbath) and nt Sundey is a work-free day according to Jewish tradition.

On the right you'll find a November calndar with Canadian holidays and special days, prepare dfor all our visitors coming from the second largest country in the world.


jewish monthly calendar november 2022 c

november 2022 calendar with canadian holidays c

 As you may notice, Canadians don't celebrate Thanksgiving in November, like Americans (they had had it in October), but they still find their way to squeeze a bit smaller celebration - the yhave a Turkey Day on November 23rd.


Printable calendars continued... (Pink!)

Calendar with pink borders is not only cute, it can have calming effect too. Did you know pink is used to paint the walls in some correctional institutions for this reason? We hope next set of timetables will help you achieve the right mood for your goals as well.

printable calendar november pink ccute november 2023 calendar c



National Holidays in November:

- Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11th and Thanksgiving Day on November 23rd in USA
- Remembrance Day is celebrated on November 11th in Canada and Australia
- St Andrew's Day is celebrated on November 30st in United Kingdom (Scotland).

November is:
- National Alzheimer's Disease Month
- National Novel Writing Month
- National Peanut Butter Lovers Month
- Vegan Month
- National Diabetes Month.


Funny Observances and Holidays in November 2023:
- 1st - All Saints' Day
- 3rd - Sandwich Day
- 4th - Use Your Common Sense Day
- 10th - Sesame Street Day
- 11th - Origami Day
- 13th - World Kindness Day
- 18th - Mickey Mouse Day
- 20th - Universal Children's Day
- 30th - Computer Security Day.


Celebrity Birthdays in November:
- 1st - Anthony Kiedis
- 2nd - David Schwimmer
- 3rd - Kendall Jenner
- 4th - Matthew Mcconaughey
- 5th - Kevin Jonas
- 6th - Emma Stone
- 7th - David Guetta
- 8th - Gordon Ramsay
- 9th - Chris Jericho
- 10th - Ellen Pompeo
- 11th - Leonardo Dicaprio
- 12th - Ryan Gosling
- 13th - Whoopi Goldberg
- 14th - Josh Duhamel
- 15th - Shailene Woodley
- 16th - Lisa Bonet
- 17th - Danny Devito
- 18th - Owen Wilson
- 19th - Jodi Foster
- 20th - Josh Turner
- 21st - Carly Rae Jepsen
- 22nd - Scarlett Johansson
- 23rd - Miley Cyrus
- 24th - Sarah Hyland
- 25th - Christina Applegate
- 26th - Tina Turner
- 27th - Samantha Harris
- 28th - Karen Gillan
- 29th - Laura Marano
- 30th - Ben Stiller.



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