Send Your Best Wishes with Vintage New Year's Cards!

New Year's postcards have been popular (with ups and downs) since the beginning of the printing industry. The tradition of sending greetings at the beginning of the new year dates at least a couple of millenniums back to ancient China and Egypt. While electronic devices reduced the number of sent New Year's greeting cards, the tradition is still alive in practically every corner of the world.

Handmade greeting cards were already sold across Europe in the 15th century. With the evolvement of the printing technique picture postcards, including the ones with New Year's, Valentine's, Easter, and Christmas greetings postcards became extremely popular. Every kind of graphic material was considered for picture postcards but illustrations like the one below (created by Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928)) dominated the early years.

drawing for vintage new year greeting card charles rennie mackintosh

Some of the best artists in the world designed them and clubs of collectors with thousands and thousands of active members were established. This time, roughly starting just before 1900 and ending with World War, is called the Golden Era. Gradually a part of the market was occupied by photo postcards but illustrated cards never completely fell out of fashion.

We will present examples mostly from this time. One card per artist. All of them focus on the first day of January. All of them are in the Public Domain due to 70+ years rule.

Enjoy your journey!

Charles Henry Bennett (1828-1867)

happy new year card charles h bennett


Germaine Bouret (1907-1953)

new year card germaine bouret


Frances Brundage (1854-1937)

vintage new years picture postcard frances brundage


Vincenzo Castelli (1884-1942)

happy new years picture postcard vincenzo castelli


Ellen Clapsaddle (1865-1934)

vintage happy new year postcard ellen clapsaddle


Thomas Crane (1808-1859)

best wishes for new year card thomas crane


Paula Ebner (1873-1949)

new years card by paula ebner


Kate Greenaway (1846-1901)

new years card kate greenaway


Paul Heitz (1857-1943)

old new years card paul heitz


Charles Robert Knight (1874-1953)

happy new year card charles r knight


Jean Emile Laboureur (1877-1943)

black and white new year postcard jean emile laboureur


Switbert Lobisser (1878-1943)

vintage bw new years card switbert lobisser


Charlotte Elizabeth Martin aka Lallie Charles (1869-1919)

new years photo postcard lallie charles


Lucien Achille Mauzan (1883-1952)

new year card vintage lucien achille mauzan


Jenny Nystrom (1854-1946)

vintage new year post card jenny nystrom


Xavier Sager (1870-1930)

new years card xavier sager


Samuel Loren Schmucker (1879-1921)

new years card samuel l schmucker


Franz Stassen (1869-1949)

old happy new year card franz stassen


Carl Robert Arthur Thiele (1860-1936)

holiday new year card arthur thiele

This page will add new material when available, so don't forget to bookmark it. And have a Happy New Year!

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