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For all fans of antique Christmas postcards, we compiled a selection of works signed by the most popular card creators of their times. All presented Xmas cards are not just old, they are also made by artists who died at least 70 years ago, which makes them Public Domain in all countries where this rule applies.

Here you'll find all kinds of Christmas cards in different styles, some inspired by religion, others by fairy tales, and others, again, created just by the vast imagination of the selected artists. If you need inspiration to get into the right Christmas mood, look no further. This is the right place to be.

Anne Anderson (1874-1952)

Life and work by Anne Anderson is marked by her marriage with another artist Alan Wright with whom she collaborated on many projects due simple fact he was practically banned by publishers because he collaborated on a very controversial book. It is believed she made the majority of illustrations and left animals to him.

vintage christmas card anne anderson

Germaine Bouret (1907-1953)

This very versatile artist from France produced numerous illustrations for books, postcards, posters, calendars, and other ephemera. Children dominated her work.

retro style christmas card germaine bouret

Frances Brundage

Frances Isabelle Lockwood Brundage (1854–1937) was an American artist who had first success in Germany and later became popular in the USA as well. Her signature sign is a kid with dreamy eyes and rosy cheeks.

vintage christmas postcard frances brundage

Clara Miller Burd (1873-1933)

Clara Miller Burd was an accomplished designer of stained glass who also designed magazine covers and illustrated several books for children.

retro xmas card clara miller burd

Gertrud Caspari (1873-1948)

Gertrud Caspari is today known as a pioneer of a simplified style of drawing with strong black borders and bright colors of one shade only which is still dominating in the world of illustration for children. Experts often call it 'Caspary style'.

vintage xmas card gertrud caspari

Ellen Clapsaddle (1865-1934)

Ellen Hattie Clapsaddle is one of the most popular postcard artists of all time. Her work is highly collectible.

antique christmas card ellen clapsaddle

Paula Ebner (1873-1949)

Pauline or Pauli Ebner was a talented artist from Austria who illustrated many books for kids. Children were by far her favorite subject and she portrayed them on Xmas cards as well.

retro christmas card paula ebner

Maud Goodman (1853-1938)

This British painter and illustrator is best known for choosing sentimental themes with mother and children. Her style is classic Victorian.

vintage style christmas card maud goodman

Oskar Herrfurth (1862-1934)

Oskar Herrfurth created numerous series of postcards with fairy tale motifs. In most cases, each series had six pieces. This one comes from Andersen's story Fir Tree.

christmas vintage postcard oskar herrfurth

Paul Hey (1867-1952)

This German artist is best known for painting scenes from classic fairy tales with an emphasis on Grimm's collection.

antique xmas card paul hey

Rudolf Koivu (1890-1946)

A boy with a Christmas tree is another fine example of a holiday scene. Made by a famous Finnish artist.

antique christmas postcard rudolf koivu

Jenny Nystrom (1854-1946)

Jenny Eugenia Nystrom was best known by her gnomes, although she preferred portraying children. She was very productive and the first woman in Sweden rewarded with a royal medal.

vintage christmas card jenny nystrom


Samuel L Schmucker (1897-1921)

Samuel Lorne Schmecker fought with illnesses most of his life. Despite being partly paralyzed from polio he created numerous great works, including many Christmas cards, and achieved world fame.

old fashioned xmas card samuel l schmucker

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