Easter cards have a long tradition that dates back to the early 15th century when hand-written notes were sent together with painted eggs. Eggs, of course, are probably the strongest of all Easter-related symbols with deep roots in Paganism and adopted by Christianity as a powerful representation of eternal life.

The first commercially produced Easter cards date to the middle of the 19th century and are a bit younger than Christmas cards which started the custom of sending printed greetings on major holidays. Until the beginning of the 20th century greeting cards were relatively rare but with the development of printing techniques and a few important changes in the organization of postal services their popularity increased beyond the wildest expectations.

In general, we can divide Easter postcards into two categories by theme: religious and secular. Religious motifs are angels, Jesus, crosses, doves, and religious verses. Secular themes include flowers, eggs, bunnies, lambs, and children. Especially popular are young girls as the representation of hope and luck. Of course, religious and secular motifs can be used together. A typical example would be Jesus in the meadow full of sheep.

Easter picture postcards were the most popular during the so-called Golden Era, approximately from 1905 to 1915 with military motifs entering with the beginning of the World War. Photographies were used for Easter greeting cards just like for all other picture cards but after the World War illustrations prevailed in this family of postcards and new techniques introduced some innovations in production.

Relief printing, embossed cards, colors like gold and silver, incorporations of ribbons of silk or lace, ... contributed to abundance in the market with numerous collectors. The popularity of Easter cards declined during the Second World War and the numbers of sales were lower and lower since then, especially after the new communication channels like telephone, e-mail, and other novelties came into use.

But Easter is still the greatest Christian holiday and we can still enjoy our selection of antique Easter cards by old masters presented by their surnames in alphabet order.

Germaine Bouret (1907-1953)

old easter card germain bouret
antique easter postcard germain bouret

Clara Miller Burd (1873-1933)

clara miller burd antique easter card
vintage easter post card clara miller burd

Gertrud Caspari (1873-1948)

gertrud caspari easter vintage card
happy easter vintage card gertrud caspari

Vincenzo Castelli (1884-1942)

old easter card vincenzo castelli
easter vintage card vincenzo castelli

Ellen Hattie Clapsaddle (1865-1934)

vintage easter greeting card ellen clapsaddle

Some traditional Easter flowers are: Azaleas, Cyclamen, Daisies, Gardenia, Hydrangeas, Lilies, Orchids, Peonies, Roses, and Tulips.
ellen clapsaddle vintage happy easter postcard

Paula Ebner (1873-1949)

happy easter vintage card paula ebner
paula ebner easter vintage card

Achille Lucien Mauzan (1883-1952)

old easter card achille lucien mauzan
antique easter postcard achille lucien mauzan

Jenny Eugenia Nystrom (1854-1946)

vintage happy easter postcard jenny nystrom
jenny nystrom vintage easter greeting card

Samuel Loren Schmucker (1879-1921)

samuel l schmucker antique easter card
vintage bunny postcard samuel l schmucker

Some typical Easter greatings are: Happy Easter!, Embrace the hope of Easter!, Spreading a message of love and hope., Sending you Easter blessings and wishing you a reflective, peaceful holiday., I wish we could be together on this holy day., May love and renewal fill your heart., Spring is sprung and Easter is here!, May your day be full of light., Faith makes all things possible., Enjoy the blessings of the season., Celebrate the miracle of Easter!, and so on.

Make the best of it and spend it with your loved ones.

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