Celtic Tree Zodiac - An Interesting Twist On Horoscope with an Overview on Celtic Astrology Signs

Just like in Zodiac and Chinese Horoscope there's a list of birth signs in the Celtic Horoscope, where basic character traits for each sign are defined according to the birth date. Thanks to the fact there are 13 months in a Celtic Tree Calendar, so we have 13 different signs in Celtic Tree Horoscope, one for every month or moon or tree, according to the chosen point of view.

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Let's be honest - this horoscope is a mixture of New Age beliefs and observations of druids, adapted to the Sun (not Moon!) calendar, what makes many astrologers to frown upon. Yet, sometimes the traits of the zodiac signs in Celtic Tree system pan out surprisingly correct. If not, they can be at least a fun addition to other horoscope knowledge.

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Shall we begin with Celtic astrology signs?

Birch Moon (24 December - 20 January) - The Achiever

Ogham Letter: B - Beith
Animal: Stag
Color: White
Gemstone: Quartz
Element: Air, Water
Planet: Venus
Season: Spring, Autumn
Comparable Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

celtic horoscope birch achiver

People born in the month of birch are known for their leadership skills and toughness but also charming and tolerant. Birch Moon sign in the Celtic Zodiac is known for ambitious and zealous people who are really never satisfied and are always ready for something more. They love challenges and sometimes prefer new beginnings to finishing (especially if routine) current tasks. According to the druid astrology they are best compatible with the signs of the Vine and the Willow.

Some famous people born in the Celtic Month of Birch (Beth):

24 December
Anthony Fauci
Ricky Martin

25 December
Annie Lenox
Isaac Newton
Sissy Spacek

26 December
Jared Leto
Mao Zedong

27 December
Marlene Dietrich
Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
Lous Pasteur

28 December
Sienna Miller
Denzel Washington
Woodrow Wilson

29 December
Charles Goodyear
Ted Danson

30 December
LeBron James
Tracey Ullman
Tiger Woods

31 December
Anthony Hopkins
Henry Matisse

1 January
Pierre de Coubertin
John Edgar Hoover
Jerome David Salinger

2 January
Isaac Asimov
Constance Lloyd

3 January
Mel Gibson

4 January
Louis Braille
Jacob Grimm
Michael Stipe

5 January
Bradley Cooper
Umberto Eco
Marilyn Manson

6 January
Joan of Arc
Rowan Atkinson
Norman Reedus

7 January
Nicolas Cage
Lewis Hamilton
Linda Kozlowski

8 January
David Bowie
Stephen Hawking
Elvis Presley

9 January
Simone de Beauvoir
Kate Middleton (Catherine, Princess of Wales)
Richard Nixon

10 January
Pat Benatar
George Foreman
Rod Stewart


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Rowan Moon (21 January – 17 February) - The Thinker

Ogham Letter: L - Luis
Animal: Crane
Color: White
Gemstone: Peridot
Element: Fire
Planet: Sun
Season: Spring, Autumn
Comparable Zodiac Sign: Aquarius, Pisces

celtic zodiac rowan thinker

This is the most philosophical sign in the Celtic Tree Horoscope. A person born in Rowan Moon is full of creativity and idealism. Devoted to his o her cause can be extremely energetic and passionate, especially when it comes to a persuasion of other people. Rowan from druid horoscope is best compatible with Hawthorn and Ivy.

Ash Moon (18 February - 17 March) - The Enchanter

Ogham Letter: N - Nion
Animal: Seal
Color: Green
Gemstone: Coral
Element: Water, Fire
Planet: Neptune
Season: Spring, Autumn
Comparable Zodiac Sign: Pisces

celtic tree zodiac ash enchanter

Imaginative, intuitive with an artistic or scientific flare, a person born in Ash Tree Month is considered very liberal, with visionary characteristics, always focusing on the future. On the other side, An Ash can be pretty moody. It's a good partner to Reed and Willow.

Alder Moon (18 March - 14 April) - The Trailblazer

Ogham Letter: F - Fearne
Animal: Fox
Color: Red
Gemstone: Ruby
Element: Fire, Water
Planet: Mars
Season: Spring, Autumn
Comparable Zodiac Sign: Aries

celtic astrology alder trailblazer

Charismatic, confident, with huge motivational abilities, a person, born in the Celtic Alder Month is a born leader. He or she is the soul of the party, always in the middle of the action, with a huge social network. This sign has clear goals and supports its ideas. It doesn't stand evasive people and goes well with Birches, Hawthorns and Oaks.

Willow Moon (15 April - 12 May) - The Observer

Ogham Letter: S - Saille
Animal: Adder
Color: Yellow
Gemstone: Moonstone
Element: Water
Planet: Moon
Season: Summer, Winter
Comparable Zodiac Sign: Taurus, Gemini

druid horoscope willow observer

Creativity, intelligence, intuition, and patience are the main traits of this Celtic Tree Zodiac sign. It's probably the most realistic sign of all, never going to extremes and always ready to learn something new. A person, born in the month of the Willow, can predict the consequences of certain actions and conditions better than others and is best compatible with Birch and Ivy signs.

Hawthorn Moon (13 May - 9 June) - The Illusionist

Ogham Letter: H - Huathe
Animal: Owl
Color: Purple
Gemstone: Topaz
Element: Air
Planet: Mars, Venus
Season: Spring, Autumn
Comparable Zodiac Sign: Gemini

celtic tree astrology hawthorn illusionist

This sign wears many hats and can surprise others with new appearances, ideas, or bits of knowledge every day. Born in the Wahthorn Moon are always curious and rarely lack energy. They are great listeners, inspirational speakers, and all in all, a popular company, highly adaptable to almost all situations. Hawthorn in the Celtic Horoscope is a good match for Rowan and Ash.

Oak Moon (10 June - 7 July) - The Stabilizer

Ogham Letter: D - Duir
Animal: Otter
Color: Black
Gemstone: Diamond
Element: Water
Planet: Jupiter, Mars
Season: Summer
Comparable Zodiac Sign: Cancer

celtic astrology signs oak stabiliser

The sign of Oak is the sign of strength. This kind of strength goes way beyond the individual. Those, who are born in this Celtich horoscope sign, often speak and fight for those, who don't possess enough confidence to speak or fight for themselves. Still, they are gentle, generous, helpful, and protective. This makes them great for mentors, teachers, and tutors. Among these so-called Irish Zodiac signs Oak goes best with Reed, Ash, and Ivy.

Holly Moon (8 July - 4 August) - The Ruler

Ogham Letter:
Animal: Cat
Color: Silver
Gemstone: Carnelian
Comparable Zodiac Sign: 

celtic tree horoscope holly ruler

Born in the sign of Holly seems to seek prestige, power, and status. They are known for special knowledge and unusual skills, supported by devotion to their goals which makes them natural leaders. However, a Holly sign can often become too easygoing and doesn't realize its whole potential. They pair well with people born in signs of Ash and Elder.

Hazel Moon (5 August - 1 September) - The Knower

Ogham Letter:
Animal: Salmon
Color: Brown
Gemstone: Amethyst
Comparable Zodiac Sign: 

celtic zodiac symbols hazel knower

People, born in the Celtic Tree Month of Hazel are smart, well-organized, and have a great memory, which gives them a competitive advantage from school years on. They are used to excelling in whatever they are involved in, but this doesn't always make them popular. Hazel can be a great partner to Rowan or Hawthorn.

Vine Moon (2 September - 29 September) - The Equalizer

Ogham Letter:
Animal: Lizard
Color: Pink
Gemstone: Emerald
Comparable Zodiac Sign: 

druid astrology vine equilizer

The ability to see a certain problem from at least two viewing points, empathy, and loyalty make this Celtic Zodiac sign popular, especially among their closest friends and relatives, yet somehow contradictive and unpredictable to others. To be fair, they usually make great company due to their exquisite taste in art, cuisine, and luxury. They are the best match for Hazels and Willows.

Ivy Moon (30 September - 27 October) - The Survivor

Ogham Letter:
Animal: Goose
Color: Blue
Gemstone: Opal
Comparable Zodiac Sign: 

irish zodiac ivy survivor

Just like the plant, people born in the sign of Ivy know how to survive in even the harshest conditions. Empathy, grace, intelligence, and loyalty are their main characteristics. No matter what kind of challenges they face, they always find a way to get through. This charming sign makes a good pair with Ash and Oak.

Reed Moon (28 October - 23 November) - The Inquisitor

Ogham Letter: Ngetal (unity)
Animal: Hound
Color: Orange
Gemstone: Jasper
Comparable Zodiac Sign: 

celtic astrology chart reed inquisitor

Curious and educated people born in the Celtic Tree Month of Reed are detectives, journalists, and scientists by nature. They have strong personalities and the ability to delve under the surface in search of deeper meanings. The main obstacle for Reed is to get out of his or her comfort zone, best partners are Ash, Oak, and Reed.

Elder Moon (24 November - 23 December) - The Seeker

Ogham Letter: R - Ruis (maturity)
Animal: Raven
Color: Gold
Gemstone: Jet
Element: Water
Planet: Saturn
Season: Winter
Comparable Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

irish zodiac signs elder seeker

The love for the freedom of people born in the Celtic horoscope sign can make an impression they are somehow unstable and wild. They love adventures and excitement, even for the price of their own security, often misunderstood by their environment and defined as outsiders. Yet an elder can be a great friend, always handy, ready to support, and especially good partner with Alder and Holly.

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