Printable Calendars for 2023

Would you like to have a calendar for 2023, completely free of charge, no strings attached? You got it. Her is a fine selection of yearly printable calendars in different formats. Some are blank, with space to add a note or two, others with a nice photo to add some life on your wall in an office cubicle or a home study or whatever you might need a calendar for this year.

We covered vertical and horizontal designs of 2023 calendars and added a few special calendars as well. Do you want to know about moon phases? Checked. Which saint's feast is today? Checked. When a tennis tournament in Wimbledon begins? Checked, too!

Some people prefer their calendars as simple as possible, while other want to know at least which holidays are falling on which day of the year. So we made, according to the wishes of our visitors, plain calendars, calendars with USA, Canadian, and Hebrew holidays, all as one-page calendar sheets, but we also included a large blank calendar which should be printed on three separate pages to present all twelve months.

Let's begin!

Cute Printable Calendars for 2023

As you may expect, we made a selection of landscape and portrait-formatted 2023 calendars.

2023 calendar printable

The Taj Mahal is one of the most famous buildings in the world. There is a beautiful and tragic love story behind it and hundreds of thousands of tourists visit it every year. This calendar may serve as an inspiration for one of your next travels. If not for real, at least in imagination.

calendar 2023 printable

We continue with another motif of a famous building, this time an opera house in Sydney. Without a doubt, the most famous building on the smallest continent just celebrated its 50th birthday! Apart from being a place for numerous prestigious happenings, it's also a huge tourist attraction with guided tours and everything. Enjoy its futuristic view!

free printable 2023 calendar

You can't mention Australia without having sharks somewhere in one's mind. A splendid photo of these magnificent creatures is used for this nature-themed calendar for 2023. Yes, it's free for personal use and you can give one to your friend as well.

printable 2023 calendar

Maybe a more relaxing scene? A tropical island with a lovely beach with palms is pretty close to an ideal vacation for the majority of people. At least for a few weeks, isn't it? For some, the temptation is too big and they decide to quit their everyday jobs and other obligations to stay in one of such places for the rest of their lives. Well, it seems, these islands may have their downsides too, so a few weeks should be a great start. Don't forget to mark the dates of your vacations on the calendar!

printable calendar 2023

Hummingbird is the main star of this cute printable 2023 calendar. You probably know that among hummingbirds there is the smallest bird in the world with only 20 g of weight. They are native to the continent of America. While we may find them from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska, the majority live in warmer areas, close to the equator. But did you know hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backward?

printable calendar for 2023

We conclude this series of landscape calendars with a spectacular sunset with another breathtaking scenery. We hope this view will make your wall prettier and we also wish you to see at least a few so attractive sunsets 'live'. In good company, of course.

2023 free printable calendar

From landscape to portrait format, from vertical to a horizontal design. Actually, we are not quite there yet, because we started with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, another tourist attraction for people from all over the world. This calendar can always remind you that even when things don't pan out as expected, they still might pan out great.

2023 printable calendar

Yes, we know, we have already presented a sunset, but this one is a bit different. So you can choose from two - one in landscape and this one in portrait position.

2023 year calendar printable

Who can resist a cute puppy? We just had to put this adorable Yorkshire terrier in the printable calendar for 2023. They say a dog is a human's best friend and we can always use another friend, right?

2023 yearly calendar printable

Two owls are at the center of attention of this nature-themed calendar to print. They are not as pretty as the hummingbird (or a puppy) above, but they play important role in nature and are one of the most used symbols in many mythologies. Yes, including the Harry Potter saga.

free printable calendar 2023

A rocket, aiming at the sky in the calendar above can remind us that that are no limits in life except the ones we are imposing on ourselves. Just find your goal and go for it!

printable calendar 2023 free

The last calendar in the series of vertical printable calendars with photos presents a pair of glasses with a bubbly drink. To celebrate and enjoy the whole year of 2023. Cheers!

Printable 2023 calendars with Holidays in the USA

Holidays are an important part of our lives and it seems obvious to prepare a set of printable calendars with all the major USA holidays in 2003.

The first six calendars with photos are set in landscape position.

free printable 2023 yearly calendar with holidays

Surfer surrounded by waves looks great in this attractive photo accompanying the list of days in the year with holidays marked by red color. These are federal holidays, so you won't find some state holidays, specific to your area, or popular yet unofficial holidays like Valentine's or St. Patrick's, which may be even more important to some users.

Of course, you can mark such important days by yourselves.

2023 calendar with holidays printable

If you prefer spectacular photos, an image of the Aurora Borealis might do the trick. The mesmerizing green color in different shades can bring a nice touch to the wall and can have a soothing effect as well.

2023 printable yearly calendar with holidays

A spectacular view of Las Vegas and a calendar with holidays make a winning combination for lovers of relaxation and excitement, which, at some point, probably address all of us. We bet this calendar sheet is one of the winners in 2023!

printable 2023 calendar with usa holidays

This amazing image was done in Sedona, Arizona, one of the most scenic deserts in the world, and a place that gave the name to a specific shade of color orange. Orange is a joyful color, just perfect for another place to add to your bucket list.

printable calendar 2023 with holidays

Speaking of holidays, we can't forget Hawaii, another popular tourist destination and one of the first choices for honeymooners. Again, accompanied by a 2023 calendar with federal holidays in landscape design.

printable calendar 2023 with holidays usa

Mount Rushmore is not just another tourist attraction but has an important patriotic effect as well. Just right to put it together with a calendar sheet for 2023. This one-page calendar concludes the first half of this section.

Let's move on with a portrait format.

printable yearly calendar 2023 with holidays

Another patriotic theme for calendars with US holidays is obviously an American flag. Stars and stripes will help you to remember all the important days in the year 2023.

printable calendar with holidays 2023

They say water has one of the most calming effects on the human mind. Waterfalls are no exception despite their enormous energy which may help you to deal with all good and sometimes not-so-good days in the calendar year.

printable 2023 calendar with holidays

This is another popular image with a single car on a scenic road, heading up to an unknown adventure. A calendar with holidays will help to plan your very own experience. Or just remind you to watch a good road movie.

free printable 2023 calendar with holidays

You indeed recognized the most popular bridge in the world, the Golden Gate in San Francisco, one of the Seven Wonders in the Modern World. Should you put a walk across this bridge on your bucket list too? It's up to you.

2023 printable calendar with holidays

It's next to impossible to make a calendar with USA holidays without including one of the most iconic views - the Statue of Liberty. For decades it was the first American item seen for travelers who sailed to America from Europe and it still possesses a lot of its old charm.

2023 calendar with holidays printable free

We finished a series of calendars with holidays to print with another typically American photo - a player in the most popular sport in the USA. Football is not the same as soccer and will probably never catch its global popularity just like soccer won't probably become as popular as American Football in the USA. Don't forget to mark Super Bowl and the dates when your favorite team is playing.

Printable 2023 Calendars with Canadian Holidays

Here are some more free calendars, ready to print, but this time with Canadian related themes and with Canadian holidays.

2023 calendar with canadian holidays

Spectacular photo from Alberta is a perfect example of beautiful ladscapes in Canada. Nice reminder for all Canadians of treasures in their country and an inspiration for everybody who is looking for next vacation. With this printable calendar you can already set your dates!

canadian holiday calendar 2023 printable

Another remote place in Canada in calendar for 2023 as an invitation for introspecive contemplation or romantic escape. If landscape format does not suit you, we have a couple of more calendars with Canadian holidays in portrait format.

canadian calendar holidays 2023

Famous tower in toronto is another symbol of Canada. We used it for another Canadian themed calendar, which is ready to print for your personal use. This time in vertical orientation.

free printable 2023 calendar with canadian holidays

Yes, we love sunsets so much, we just had to include another one for our last vertical 2023 calendar with Canadian holidays. Enjoy the view!

Blank Calendars for 2023

Printable blank calendars are always in high demand, so we prepared a full set of calendar templates with already positioned numbers but without unnecessary decoration, with a lot of space where you can add personal notes or whatever might be important for better planning your time.

2023 printable calendar with lines portrait

If you prefer their yearly calendar in portrait format, this one is right for you. Each day has three lines to write on. Not much of course, yet enough to personalize the calendar sheet according to your preferences. This calendar is formatted to be printed on A3 paper or in so-called Tabloid (Ledger) format. If you don't have the option to print so large images, the same thing is available in two (each for half of the year 2023) half-smaller calendar pages available below.

printable calendar with lines 2023 for portrait 1 of 2 printable calendar with lines 2023 for portrait 2 of 2

Of course, the same yearly calendar can be printed in landscape format as below. This one-page calendar with lines should be printed on A3 or Tabloid sized paper.

printable calendar 2023 with lines landscape

Like the horizontal version, this yearly printable calendar with lines is also available in two parts - with half of the year 2023 on each sheet you can get the same result as above but on two A4 (Letter) sized sheets.

free printable calendar 2023 with lines for landscape 1 of 2 free printable calendar 2023 with lines for landscape 2 of 2

If lines are not necessary for you (some may even feel confined), or if you belong to more creative persons who might draw instead of write, the next calendar with large empty boxes should help you to stay organized through the year.

printable calendar 2023 with large boxes portrait

Because so large format can't be printed on all office printers, the same calendar 2023 with boxes can be composed of two smaller, letter-sized prints available below.

printable calendar with large boxes 2023 for portrait 1 of 2printable calendar with large boxes 2023 for portrait 2 of 2

Do you prefer looking at your yearly calendar in the landscape, instead of the portrait format? Here it is!

2023 printable calendar with large boxes landscape

If this is too large for your printer, we prepared two smaller ones so that you can get a horizontal version of the 2023 calendar with large empty boxes on standard letter-sized (A4) prints.

free printable calendar with large boxes 2023 for landscape 1 of 2free printable calendar with large boxes 2023 for landscape 2 of 2

For different reasons some people also like to have the week numbers added to the otherwise blank calendars. We made an example of a free printable calendar 2023 with week numbers in landscape format on a large (Ledger or A3) paper.

2023 printable calendar with week numbers

Or you can get the same result by printing two calendars with week numbers on A4 paper and putting them together on the wall.

printable calendar 2023 with week numbers 1 of 2printable calendar 2023 with week numbers 2 of 2

For the end of the section of blank printable calendar templates for 2023, we offer another useful format - this time with notes.

printable calendar 2023 with notes

A printable calendar with a notes section looks best if it's printed in a larger format in landscape (horizontal) design and it offers you a chance to write important stuff right on the sheet, where you can see it all the time to minimize a chance of forgetting an important thing to do.

Do you need even larger formats of 2023 printable calendars? Here they are!

Large Printable Calendars for 2023

Next four sets of calendars are designed to be printed on three A4 (letter-seized) sheets each.

Extra Large is for Seniors (and Others Too!)

All three sheets are oriented in landscape format with four monts on each sheet. These calendars have plenty of space to write down your tasks or other important stuff at each date of the year.

large print calendar 2023 1 of 3

large print calendar 2023 2 of 3

large print calendar 2023 3 of 3

Next three calendar pages are almost the same, but with USA holidays in red color.

large wall calendar 2023 with holidays to print 1 of 3

large wall calendar 2023 with holidays to print 2 of 3

large wall calendar 2023 with holidays to print 3 of 3

It beseems to include a set of large printable calendars for 2023 with Canadian holidays as well.

large print calendars for seniors 2023 1 of 3 canadian

large print calendars for seniors 2023 2 of 3 canadian

large print calendars for seniors 2023 3 of 3 canadian

For good measure we prepared three large printable calendars with Hebrew (Jewish) holidays. Still for 2023, still completely free for personal use.

printable wall calendar 2023 large jewish holidays 1 of 3

printable wall calendar 2023 large jewish holidays 2 of 3

printable wall calendar 2023 large jewish holidays 3 of 3

And we also made two simple large calendars without particular empty space. If the sets above are meant for walls, these two are more for desktop.

large 2023 calendar landscape large 2023 calendar portrait

Each fits one letter-sized page and you can choose between landscape and portrait format.

Special Calendars for 2023

Here are some calendars for people who need specialized calendars. Here is one with Catholic Saints, so you can find when is your (or your friend's name day) and properly celebrate it.

catholic calendar 2023 landscape

catholic calendar 2023 portrait

We got portrait and landscape format. And there's sports calendar 2023 below. Just a horizontal version because it didn't look good in vertical. Don't miss any important sport event in this year!

sport calendar 2023


We end our list with lunar calendar for 2023. If you want to check the moon phases, just print it and you can also make a note or two on your own. Landscape and portrait!

2023 calendar moon phases landscape

calendar 2023 moon phases portrait

We hope you enjoyed our yearly candars for 2023. Tell your friends about us!





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